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Having the Upper Hand with Apex Legends Wiki

Apex Legends took us by surprise when it appeared out of nowhere, free-to-play (F2P), and packed with exciting new gaming mechanics. These innovate characteristics alone made it the number one must-play Battle Royale game in just a couple of days. Due to its popularity, there are now many remarkable players that rarely miss in showing their skills in the arena. The game is fun to watch on streams, due to the rivalry between players. If you want to join the party and become “The [true] Champion” for this game, our Apex Legends Wiki can give you some advantages to earn some sweet victories. Basically, you’ll get some aspects of the game to provide you a general knowledge about its core mechanics like these:

  • Characters: how they differentiate between each other, what makes them shine, and when to pick the right legend in a particular match.
  • Tips & Tricks: give you a head start in the game; it’s always good to analyze how the top players make their way in the arena.
  • Weapons: the differences that they make in the battlefield due to their damage and range (short, mid, long), which modifications to look in the map and their advantages.

Remember to use this Apex Legends Wiki page to match your game style. For example, if you’re a Support player check those Characters that specialize in that style, what weapons suit them better, and which tips can help your team (and you) to gain wins. Good luck!