Apex Legends Bangalore (Offensive)

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If you’ve ever played Soldier 76 of Overwatch, then the Apex Legends Bangalore is just that. Being a professional soldier, you can bet she’s all about gun-based combat. For newcomers of the game, Bangalore is a go-to pick due to her simple and easy-to-learn skills and abilities.

Abilities and Playstyle

  • Tactical ability (Smoke Launcher): she can use to fire a high-velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall upon impact to confuse your enemies.
  • Passive ability (Double Time): lets her move faster for a brief amount of time. When combined, these abilities allow her to work well as a combat support character to help your team reposition themselves or for you to help set up a flank behind enemy lines.
  • Ultimate ability (Rolling Thunder): calls in an artillery strike that will slowly creep across the landscape. Rolling Thunder requires you to deploy a beacon at close range for it to occur, so be sure to take note of that. While that limits her ultimate’s utility, if placed correctly, it can deal a significant amount of damage if the enemy team is taking cover, forcing them to abandon their hiding spot and go out into the open.


Overall, the Apex Legends Bangalore is pretty much the typical proper soldier class that you’re used to seeing in other FPS titles and Battle Royale games. She’s a no-fuss weapon extraordinaire with direct-to-the point abilities and a badass hairstyle to boot.  While great in offense, she’s also pretty good on defense as well and is able to deploy smokescreens all the while being able to bombard enemies with relentless mortar strikes. Out of all the characters in Apex Legends, she’s the most reliable character and is a common pick for people who like to dish out a decent amount of damage.

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