Apex Legends Bloodhound (Support)

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The Apex Legends Bloodhound is the sole tracker character in Apex Legends. Wrapped behind in a veritable enigma, there’s one thing for sure: Bloodhound can track anyone down. This mysterious Legend’s abilities focus primarily around being able to track down and locate potential enemies nearby.

If you want to be a good Bloodhound, you’ll need to be quick at cascading information down to your teammates, as all his abilities are about picking up signs of other players and tracking them down.

Abilities and Playstyle

  • Passive ability (Tracker): lets you find clues that enemy players have left behind. Besides finding clues
  • Tactical ability (Eye of the All-Father): to briefly reveal enemies, traps, and even more clues through the structures in front of you. Notably, his tactical ability is the perfect counter to Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher as well as Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade. While this ability has a longer cooldown (35s cooldown) compared to others, its overall usefulness compensates for it since it can save your whole team from being knocked down by hidden traps. Bloodhound’s
  • Ultimate ability (Beast of the Hunt): transforms you into the ultimate hunter and enhances your senses, allowing you to move 25% faster and see cold tracks. Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt gives you the potential to flank enemies, escape from danger, or reach terrains that would otherwise be too difficult to reach.
  • Tracking and location nearby enemies: Bloodhound plays an integral role in the team. By relaying all enemy information, you give your team the advantage of being privy to your enemies’ movements. Like Pathfinder, Bloodhound should always act as the team’s main lookout.

Hunt or Be Hunted

With the advantage of heightened speed and the ability to track any clues left by nearby players, the Apex Legends Bloodhound is a character that acts as the team’s primary scout. Furthermore, Bloodhound is an excellent character for clearing potentially-dangerous buildings and areas where you’re likely to be ambushed. All in all, Bloodhound is extremely vital when it comes to detecting nearby enemies, but you need to be quick at communicating with your squad and rely on pings.

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