Apex Legends Caustic (Defensive)

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The Apex Legends Caustic is perhaps Apex Legend’s biggest edgelord, with dialogue lines like “Everything dies in the end”. His abilities revolve around spamming an area with gas to create confusion among enemies to force them either in or out of strategic areas. Furthermore, all of Caustic’s abilities focus on the use of poisonous gas, which can slowly chip away at the health of even the toughest of enemies. For a character like Caustic, defensive tactics are the name of the game.

Abilities and Playstyle

  • Active skill (Nox Gas Trap): you place up to 6 canisters that release deadly Nox when shot or triggered by your enemies, can easily overwhelm and hinder the mobility of enemy squads. This alone can offer your teammates a huge opportunity for an easy ambush.
  • Passive skill (Nox Vision): since the area will be filled with gas due to his Nox Gas Trap, Nox Vision will help you out as you gain threat vision on enemies moving through your gas. His gas canisters make for a huge surprise and are best hidden around corners or simply thrown at an enemy just before you trigger Nox Gas Grenade.
  • Ultimate ability (Nox Gas Grenade): it will blanket a large area in poison that can effectively zone control with a nasty damaging poison cloud.
  • Battle: Caustic is most effective in close quarter situations. His kit lets you control the pace of the faceoff by blanketing areas with poisonous gas. This can give your team the upper hand as your opponents will steadily lose health, slow down, and are altogether blinded. But be aware that your gas can negatively affect your teammates as well! Although the poison won’t hurt your teammates, their visibility will still be impaired, similar to the effect of smoke grenades.

All in All

The Apex Legends Caustic may not be for everyone since his skills are a tad bit contextual. While his gas traps are indeed lethal, it takes a firm grasp of his capabilities for a player to use them effectively. When you take into consideration that the large map is filled with numerous battle scenarios, getting a feel for his kit takes a considerable amount of time. While you have to be patient in mastering Caustic’s abilities, you’ll no doubt reap the rewards once you’ve mastered your timing to leverage his strengths.

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