Apex Legends Gibraltar (Defensive)

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Described as a ‘Shielded Fortress,’ the Apex Legends Gibraltar is a gentle giant but born with a wild side within. The equivalent of Overwatch’s Reinhardt, he’s a tanky Legend whose shields provide an extra layer of protection not just for himself but for his teammates as well. With high defenses and long-range artillery for offenses, his kit does not necessarily compromise the damage deals due to his tankiness.

Abilities and Playstyle

  • Passive skill (Gun Shield): this skill deploys a gun shield to your fellow Legend that will block incoming fire as you aim down your sights. It gives your mates an extra layer of protection beyond what any other Legends receive. To get the best effect out of his passive ability, we recommend you equip Gibraltar with a sniper to shield your teammates in long-range distances.
  • Tactical ability (Dome of Protection): throws down a dome-like shield that will block all incoming attacks for over 15 seconds. While it adds as another layer of defense, Gibraltar’s tactical ability can also be used to help your teammates recover when they’re low on health just before another clash.
  • Ultimate ability (Defensive Bombardment): is similar to Bangalore’s but is more focused. Instead of calling an artillery strike that will move across the map, Gibraltar’s ultimate will call in a much more centered mortar strike on a position that you mark with smoke. While the mortar strike is slow-acting, it’s easy to use and deals damage in a very large area of effect, making it useful to flush out enemies from behind cover.


Although other defense characters like Lifeline feature some defensive skills, the Apex Legends Gibraltar is the main defense hero in Apex Legends. The passive ability to deploy a gun shield when aiming down sights means that you can always face enemies head on. He’s quite the beefy character to play as, with a noticeably slower movement speed than some other characters. Gibraltar works best when set up in a static position, with the Dome of Protection and Gun Shield combo followed by his ultimate that’ll allow you to pick off a crowd-controlled enemy team laying siege to your squid.

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