Apex Legends Wraith (Offensive)

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Able to execute swift but deadly attacks and manipulate the space-time continuum by tearing through rifts in the fabric of reality, the Apex Legends Wraith is a whirlwind of a fighter that’s all about speed. Her abilities are all focused on stealth and mobility.

Abilities and Playstyle

  • Tactical ability (Into the Void): allows her to enter a state where she becomes invisible to enemies and is, therefore, able to move faster for a short period of time. However, this ability’s weakness is that you cannot fire and can’t see any of your enemies at the same time.
  • Passive ability (Voices from the Void): at the very least lets you hear a voice whenever danger approaches.
  • Ultimate ability (Dimensional Rift): can change the course of a team fight in a pinch. While her ultimate takes some planning to use effectively, it can take an entire team to reposition themselves for a surprise attack on the enemy team, but you can use Dimensional Rift defensively as well to escape a difficult situation with ease.


The Apex Legends Wraith is one of the more versatile heroes as she affords players with more options. Feel free to tinker around with her. If you have the patience to master her, she will prove to be one of the scariest Legends to face off against, both in team and solo/duo mode. She probably has the highest skillcap of any character in Apex Legends so far, due to the fact that her abilities offer a wide range of possibilities available. She has a good kit to set up surprise attacks or retreats for your team, making her an excellent initiator and escaper. If you were to pick a class to play solo without a team, Wraith is a perfect choice.

In terms of fitting well with the team, she’s optimal if paired with Bangalore and Mirage. Combine her Dimensional Drift with Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher and Mirage’s Vanishing Act, and you’ll have a perfect ambush that’ll surely catch your enemies off-guard.

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