Apex Legends Hovering Trick

By | February 24th, 2019 | Categories: Apex Legends Tips & Tricks, Apex Legends Wiki

Note: fixed/patched by Respawn on February 26, 2019.

Every now and then, a move comes along that has enough impact to be a total game-changer. The Apex Legends Hovering Trick is one such move. While it’s not entirely clear who discovered or came up with this nifty little trick, one thing is for sure: We’re sure glad it’s there!

What’s up with the Hovering Trick?

Hovering can help players extend air time and cover long distances with ease after balloon jumps. You can execute it by looking straight up to the sky, flying forward, steering with your A and D keys as you fly towards high elevations such as mountains, hills, or even walls.

The hover effect gets triggered each time you approach elevations. With such a hang-time, even his Royal Airness Michael Jordan would be green with envy. Do yourself a favor and try out the Apex Legends Hovering Trick to see what you’ve been missing!

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