Blast Your Enemies with Apex Legends Infinite Ammo

By | February 24th, 2019 | Categories: Apex Legends Tips & Tricks, Apex Legends Wiki

Wouldn’t it be fun—and even downright awesome—if you were able to unload round after round without ever running out of ammo? With the Apex Legends Infinite Ammo, you can blast would-be opponents straight to oblivion without having to worry about emptying your clip.

How do I use Infinite Ammo?

To do this kickass, trick you’ll need to place the Legendary Mastiff Shotgun in the primary weapons slot, fire 2 bullets out of the 4, reload, go back to the weapons menu, place the shotgun in the secondary slot, and return it to the primary slot.

After that, you can say hello to Apex Legends Infinite Ammo!

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