Apex Legends Kraber .50-Cal (Sniper)

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Send “goodbye” letters from a long distance with this fabulous Sniper Rifle. If you’re able to land one perfect headshot to one unfortunate fellow, it can mean that he/she will instantly kiss the floor afterward. The Apex Legends Kraber appears as one of the “Legendary” weapons in the game. As a result, there cannot be any modifications to attach, and it contains “unique” Sniper Rifle ammo. Therefore, have a little patience before taking the deadly shot, hunt your prey, and wait for some “lock-in” animation to aid your accuracy.


  • Maximum body damage: 125 (250 Head Damage). Like any other sniper rifle in any FPS (first person shooter) game, accuracy is always needed to master these weapons. With a little patience and a good setup for your mouse (for PC), you’ll be able to land those headshots more frequently.
  • Attachments: None (non-compatible with any). Due to its rarity, you don’t have any option to improve this Sniper Rifle any further. Have no worries though; this weapon has the potential to win you matches on its own.
  • Ammo Type: Special Sniper Rifle Bullets (Unique). Missing a single shot from this weapon can be extremely “painful” for you. Think twice before pulling the trigger and try to land your bullets in those critical places.
  • Preferred Range: Long. Having one enemy aware of your presence and in “mid to close” range may make any Sniper Rifle almost useless. Most noteworthy, you won’t be able to aim comfortably. Therefore, try to change for your secondary weapon if this is the case.

It’s a Wrap

Efficiency is the keyword that accompanies the Apex Legends Kraber. Make every bullet from your clip count and always keep your distance in any encounter. If you’re patient enough, this weapon has the potential to send an entire squad to the ground without the need to reveal your location.

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