Apex Legends Havoc (Assault Rifle)

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There’s only one word to describe the amazingness of this peculiar weapon, that is “Exceptional.” From the start, one of the main drastic characteristics is that even though the Apex Legends Havoc belongs to the “Assault Rifle” Group, it requires Energy ammunition for it to work. In contrast to the “regular” Rifle attributes, due to its distinctive ammo, this weapon requires “charging” before releasing the shots. In other words, you need to keep the trigger button for a while until its ready.

Additionally, the aiming contains some “weird” characteristics as well; due to its spray pattern, your accuracy may feel different than the rest of the Assault Rifles. For example, around half the clip creates recoil; afterward, the weapon becomes still until the clip is empty. Therefore, you may miss some shots when your battling between the recoil and the sudden change of pattern.


  • Maximum body damage: 18 (36 Head Damage). Every critical shot in this weapon counts. As a result, the better you become in handling this peculiar firearm, the worst it can be for your enemies.
  • Attachments: Turbocharger, Selectfire Receiver, 1x Holo, 1x Digital Threat. A different distinctive attribute to this Assault Rifle comes with the changes that arrive once you place some modifications to it. First of all, the “Turbocharger” attachment can improve the effectiveness of this weapon by removing the “Charging” downside when you press the trigger. Furthermore, if you’re able to find the “Selective Receiver,” the Havoc practically becomes one type of sniper rifle. Most noteworthy, with the last attachment, even though you still need to charge your shot, and each “beam” takes five energy rounds from your inventory; the results can be devastating.
  • Ammo Type: Energy Ammo. One of the hardest resources to come by in the arena is this unusual ammunition. As a result, make every single shot from this weapon count, take your time and be productive.
  • Preferred Range: Short, Mid (With Mods). As stated before, some attachments from this weapon can change its functionality. Therefore, if you like close encounters, attach the “Turbocharger”; otherwise, find the “Selectfire Receiver” and shot from far distances.


Due to its unique attributes, the Apex Legends Havoc has become one of the favorites between the game’s player base. First of all, due to its Energy Ammo requirements, the mechanics of this weapon require a bit more time to master; but after you do, the damage can be devastating. Furthermore, with the additional chances that specific attachments apply to this weapon, you have more variety to use this firearm in different encounters. Therefore, you may feel that every match with this gun is practically different for you.

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