Apex Legends Havoc (Assault Rifle)

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“Unique” is the best word to describe the capabilities of this Assault Rifle. First, the Apex Legends Havoc even though belongs to the “Rifle Family,” it uses Energy Ammo to produce its magic. Therefore, although it looks different, one of the downsides is that you need to “charge” your shots (or beams) before you can empty your clip away. Furthermore, the spray pattern feels a little awkward and hard to master; the first fifteen shots have recoil, while the last ten keeps your weapon steady. As a result, this weapon it’s hard to learn; but when you do, you’ll be owning the arena.


  • Maximum body damage: 18 (36 Head Damage). Even though it may feel weird at first to keep with the weapon’s pace; you can see that those critical shots can make the difference.
  • Attachments: Turbocharger, Selectfire Receiver, 1x Holo, 1x Digital Threat. Another part of this weapon’s uniqueness comes in the modifications that you can attach. At first, if you’re able to find the “Turbocharger,” the downside of charging before shooting is practically gone; making this weapon more effective in the middle of a fight. Most noteworthy are the modifications that become available once you install the “Selectfire Reciever” on this weapon; it becomes a single charging shot, that deals more damage but takes five rounds from your inventory.
  • Ammo type: Energy Ammo. Make every shot count with this type of ammunition. In contrast to the “Light Rounds,” the Energy Ammo is hard to find in the arena.
  • Preferred range: Short, Mid (With Mods). If you’re a “Turbocharger” type of guy, keep it close. Furthermore, if you’re a “Selectfire Receiver” person, you can give some warning from a distance.

Final Thoughts

Being the last weapon added to the game via a gaming patch, it became quickly trendy by the player base. Due to its uniqueness, the Apex Legends Havoc as captivated newly players and veterans with the same amount of impact. As a result, if you’re deciding to master this weapon, you may get praise or two owning with it.

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