Apex Legends P2020 (Pistol)

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“The lowest of the low” is another way to refer to the Apex Legends P2020 gun. First, although it gets the job done (that is shooting bullets); every stats that it possesses aren’t impressive at all. In contrast, if this the first weapon you are “lucky” to find in the arena, it still can give you a little chance for survival; if the enemy didn’t have the opportunity to pick another weapon (any other gun available in the game.) Due to its capacity and popularity, there’s no doubt that it belongs in the “D Tier,” the lowest tier of them all.


  • Maximum body damage: 12 (18 Head Damage). This time around, if you thought that the numbers above look a little “tiny”; you were right all along. In contrast to any weapon in the game, the pistols do not have any other mechanic that may improve the damage at all. For example, with a submachine gun, the numbers may look similar, but you’re throwing bullets as fast as possible.
  • Attachments: Extended Light Mag, 1x Holo, 1x Digital Threat, 1x-2x Variable Holo, 1x HCOG Classic, 2x HCOG Bruiser, 3x HCOG Ranger, 2x-4x Variable AOG. It may see that some mods (like the “Extended Light Mag,” for example), may give you some opportunities to improve this pistol; sadly, this isn’t the case at all. Therefore, if you have more bullets in your clip, the rate of fire won’t give you any positive outcomes. 
  • Ammo type: Light Rounds. Easy to find, but is better to hold this type of ammunition for another gun that you could acquire in the battlefield. For example, some submachine guns can be a lot deadlier.
  • Preferred range: Short, Mid (With Mods). Even with some scopes that can give you some distance advantage, the amount of damage makes them almost worthless; you may tickle your enemies from afar.


The Apex Legends P2020 is one of those weapons that everyone doesn’t seem to “hold into.” If you find any other replacement for this pistol, do not hesitate, take it.

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