Apex Legends Mastiff (Shotgun)

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This weapon is the top of the food chain when it comes to close encounters. If your opponents were unlucky enough to receive a full blast from this Shotgun, their remaining health is probably on the “red zone,” leaving a single pistol’s shot to finish the deal. Once you’re able to find the Apex Legends Mastiff weapon in the battlefield, there’s no other option from your enemies but to run for their remaining HP (Hit points). This weapon can be only attainable in airdrops, and you cannot replenish its ammunition, which means that you always need to land your shots well.


  • Maximum body damage: 144 (288 Head Damage). With that amount of damage, you basically can own anything with just one shot.
  • Attachments: None (non-compatible with any). Due to its rarity and potential, this weapon cannot be improved further with any modifications.
  • Ammo type: Special Shotgun Shells (Unique). Having a unique type of ammo makes you think twice before pulling the trigger. The plus side though is that the Unique ammo doesn’t require any space on your inventory.
  • Preferred range: Short. Keep your relationships close, and your enemies closer. With a well-placed shot, they won’t have the chance to run for their lives.


Being considered one of the “Legendary” weapons in the game means that this shotgun has the potential to improve your winning chances. Like any other shell-type gun in the game, it’s best if you’re able to land all the possible damage in a single shot. Above all, even though is difficult to find one Apex Legends Mastiff when you’re fighting multiple squads in the arena; you’ll always going to be glad to hold one ofthis specimen in your virtual hands. Remember to keep one eye in the remaining shells before any encounters, due to its unique ammo, once it’s gone, it’s for good.

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