The Next New Legend in Apex Legends

Next New Legend
By | August 17th, 2022 | Categories: Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ newest legend, the sharpshooter known as Vantage, was released with Season 14 Hunted on August 9th. She is a sniper-focused legend with abilities to pinpoint enemies through the smoke and has a cute pet, Echo, that lets her reposition or push knockdown enemies. She’s the Apex Legends new legend players can try right now.

Who is Vantage in Apex Legends?

Her story goes like this: She is Xiomara Contrares. She was born to Xenia Contrares, an escaped inmate who was a passenger on a Gaean detention ship that was most likely on its way to a prison facility. The ship crashed on the icy abandoned planet Pagos, leaving the pregnant Xenia as the only survivor of the crash. When she grew up, she explored the ship’s wreckage and discovered that nearly everything her mother had told her about the world and her family’s past was a complete lie. After barely escaping the ship’s vicious security system, Xiomara’s mother activated her personal distress beacon to save her life, which results in Vantage and her mother being picked up by the authorities. Xenia was sentenced to prison (the same prison Mad Maggie spends her time), and Vantage joined the Apex Games to bring attention to her mother’s legal plight.

What are the abilities of Vantage?

Vantage was one of the agents previously revealed in a major data dump and one of two legends that had finished models awaiting release. Vantage is a survivalist sniper reconnaissance character with a kit that specializes in gathering information about the enemy before striking.

Passive: Spotter’s Lens

Her passive ability will be activated if you ADS (Aim Down Sight) unarmed or on any long-range scopes. This allows you to have a rough idea of where the enemies are, and it will show you what kind of armor they are wearing. On top of that, you will also know where her sniper bullet will drop, making landing sniper shots on a long-distance way easier for beginners. 

Tactical (Q): Echo Relocation

You can send her winged companion, Echo, to a specific location and fly towards it. This provides decent mobility for repositioning into high grounds or pushing enemies. However, you must have a line of sight before launching Echo, so you can’t fly through walls like other legends do.

Ultimate (Z): Sniper’s Mark

Vantage’s ultimate is a custom-made sniper rifle; if you hit people with it, it marks them, and they gain an additional 15% damage. This ultimate ability is good for marking down enemies while two of your teammate is pushing. Her ultimate is also unique since it has five bullets that regenerate over time. This is your ultimate ability if you just need one more accurate shot if you run out of ammo. However, enemies will know if you aim down sight because of the huge lasers following them and could also give away your position.

Tips to Play Vantage, Apex Legends New Legend

I must say that Vantage is pretty enjoyable to play with other classes because of how much information you can provide for the team and landing your shots on long range. Here are some tips that I learned while playing this new legend:

  • As Vantage, I recommend you carry Ultimate Accelerant because this provides two charges for your ultimate ability. Additionally, if you used charge towers, this provides you the entire five shots, broken in the early game.
  • Whenever you’re not using echo, call it. Since it always follows you, it will let enemies know you are nearby.
  • Use her sniper rifle as early as possible because this can kill opponents in two shots with a level 1 EVO shield.
  • When it comes to playing Vantage, she can be quite deadly with a Longbow or a Sentinel sniper rifle since you can see where your long-range shots will land. I like to run close and medium-range weapons such as G7 Scout, Triple Take, or 30-30 Repeater. Not only does her bullet drop indicator allow players to always know where to place their crosshairs, but these guns give you great medium to long-range engagement options.

Overall, Vantage is exciting to play for beginners, yet it won’t rival some of the legends in the meta. Her ultimate ability serves as a 3rd weapon, and her mobility skill lacks in a fast-paced gunfight. She is really beginner-friendly, and her kit is pretty straightforward. As for the viability of competitive gameplay, I think she won’t be in the top-tier list of legends. 

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