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This is a consolidated hub for Apex Legends news and updates, including the latest patch notes, league release information, and new seasons.

Apex Legends Season 14 Leaks and Release Date

As long as Respawn strictly sticks to their schedule, Apex Legends players can expect Season 14 to arrive three months after Saviors’ launch – August 8, to be exact. However, there’s always the possibility of it arriving a few days before or after the conclusion of Season 13. According to Shrugtal, a well-known dataminer for Apex Legends, there’s a high chance that Vantage would be unveiled. Vantage is a Legend uncovered during Season 12 when a significant leak surfaced surrounding nine unreleased characters set to join the fray in future seasons.

May 2022

Season 13 Released: New Skins and Rewards

  • Season 13 is Finally Here
    • Players can now play using Newcastle
    • The map rotations this season will be Olympus, World’s Edge, and Storm Point
    • New skins and rewards will be available in Season 13’s battle pass

Season 13 Saviors Announced

Apex Legends Mobile Worldwide Release Date Announced

  • Apex Legends Mobile Set to Release Worldwide This May
    • Respawn has announced Apex Legends Mobile is headed to both Android and iOS devices later this month.
    • An official release date has yet to be given.
    • Developers stated that they would share more information in the coming weeks.

March 2022

Warriors Collection Event

  • The Warriors Collection Event
    • The event introduces a brand new set of 24 themed, limited-time cosmetics
    • A new Arena map called Drop-Off will be added
    • The event starts on March 29 and will end on April 12

9 New Heroes

  • Massive Apex Legends Leaks Reveal 9 New Heroes
    • Years of potential Apex Legends content were leaked to the subreddit ApexUncovered and includes a folder containing a multitude of text files and 15 unreleased gameplay videos
    • The leaked videos showed new maps, weapons, cosmetics, and gameplay of the new Legends
    • The soon-to-become playable characters have names and are listed as Caliber, Catalyst, Conduit, Jester, Newcastle, Phantom, Scryer, Uplink, and Vantage
    • It’s unsure when this new content will come, but players have speculated that Newcastle may be the next Legend lined up for release since their kit seems the most finished

Apex Legends Mobile Released for Android and iOS

  • Apex Legends Mobile Now Available to Download
    • After a week of delay, Apex Legends Mobile is now available to download on Android and iOS
    • For now, it’s only available for players in certain countries 
    • Apex Legends Mobile will be a standalone experience and will not offer crossplay capabilities with PC and consoles
  • Apex Legends Mobile Launch Delayed
    • Apex Legends Mobile’s release, which was supposed to be on Feb. 28, has been pushed back to a later date
    • The new release date is March 7
    • Ten countries will be participating in the limited regional launch (Peru, Colombia, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Mexico, and Argentina)

Feb 2022

Apex Legends 3rd Anniversary Collection Event

  • Apex Legends’ 3rd Anniversary Collection Event is Live
    • From February 15 to March 1, players can get special offers in the Event Store
    • The event introduces Prestige Skins which are new rarity level cosmetic skins for Legends
    • Players can also purchase Legendary Squad skins while the event is active

Apex Legends Defiance

  • Apex Legends: Defiance is Live
    • Apex Legends’ 12th season introduces a new Legend known as Mad Maddy, the ‘rebel warlord’
    • There will be a new limited-time mode called Control
    • A Defiance Battle Pass will be available (rewards include Apex Packs, skins, and XP boosts)

Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch

  • Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launching Soon
    • The soft launch of Apex Legends Mobile will be available in Peru, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Argentina, Colombia, and New Zealand
    • Players can now pre-register for the soft launch, but slots are limited
    • We can expect the full release of Apex Legends Mobile within this year

Apex Legends Third Anniversary

  • Apex Legends Celebrates its Third Anniversary
    • From February 8 to March 1, players can earn login rewards, Thematic Packs, and Legendary Packs
    • The rewards are limited to one redemption per EA account
    • Players can also unlock Legends such as Octane, Valkyrie, and Wattson for free while the event is active

Jan 2022

The Dark Depths Event

  • The Dark Depths Event
    • The Dark Depths event introduced a new Arenas map called Habitat
    • The event is from January 11 to February 1
    • Dark Depths Packs (themed loot boxes) are available for a limited time but note that the items will always be purchasable in the standard Apex Pack pool of items
    • Players can accomplish Flash Events during the event, they’re essentially weekly individual prize tracks

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