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Ark Survival Evolved DLC
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The Big Picture

Ever since the release of the ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack trailer, Studio Wildcard developers have been drip-feeding us new bits and pieces of information about the Ark Survival Evolved DLC pack. First of all, the developers have recently officially confirmed Aberration will follow the events of the main game’s ending. After that, there is supposedly one more planned DLC to be released, and that one should wrap up the whole game, providing a clear and complete picture of ARK’s lore and back-story.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The survivors in Aberration will spawn on a damaged ARK. The internal atmosphere has leaked away, resulting in a malfunction of maintenance systems and a surface ravaged by radiation. Therefore, most of the action and story will take place underground, with both the environment and creatures heavily affected by these harsh conditions.

Obviously, a wide selection of new weapons, gear, creatures, buildings and challenges will be introduced into the game, some of which were featured in the trailer itself. Hazmat suits will likely be a must in order to survive the radiation, gas leaks and other hazards. We’ve seen wingsuits, zip-lines, glowing sticks, climbing picks and several new exciting weapons on display, as well as a few other so far unidentified items.

Developers confirmed a total of 12 new creatures. We’ve seen about half of them in the trailer. Recently, image teasers of other creatures have been popping up, sparking numerous rumors and fan theories on forums and social media.

ARK: Aberration will introduce a slew of improvements as well. We still don’t know the details, but we know that developers have been working on new and better animations, more polished graphics, improved lightning system, server stability and performance tweaks. Apparently, gamma setting has been specifically in the talks as well. Developers want to disable it completely, thus rendering any visibility cheating during night-time impossible. So, prepare those cute lantern pugs, it’s going to get really dark!

Rich, But Unstable Environment

ARK: Aberration will feature 3 lush underground biomes and a barren, radiation-infested surface biome. Each underground biome will be further divided into 3 sub-biomes. The developers call them “habitats.” These habitats will serve to make the landscapes appear less drab and bleak, providing players with a rich experience as they explore the damaged ARK. Within these new habitats, there will be new types of resources to harvest and collect too. No further details have been released, so we can only guess what these will be.

Now, the damaged ARK is clearly out of balance. There will be regular earthquakes, gas leaks, radiation, unpredictable weather patterns and different day-night cycles. All these different environmental hazards will not necessarily be all bad for you. Developers claim each one of these challenging conditions will also provide some kind of benefit. Players will need to quickly adapt to this new risk-reward system and reap rewards when the opportunity presents itself.

ARK: Aberration will also include a brand new building system. Unlike ground-level structures being a prominent and defining feature of ARK so far, we’ve seen the rock and cliff-bound structures in the trailer. In fact, the developers have stated that building on the ground will not really be something you will want to do.

Part of the reason for that lies in the fact that mysterious nocturnal creatures out there will be hunting for survivors during night-time. Paired with disabled gamma, pitch darkness provides a perfect setting for them to cause serious trouble to you. So, it will definitely be more prudent to build above the ground. Remember, always keep that lantern pug close and take good care of it – you might need it more than it needs you!

Furthermore, the developers announced there would be no flyers in this DLC. That means you’ll have to rely on ground creatures, zip-lines, wingsuits and that cloaked “rock drake” everybody is so excited about.

Exotic Mutant Creatures Await

Speaking of rock drake, we’ve seen from the trailer that, while it’s not exactly a flier, it can glide through the air quickly. This gliding will actually require some level of skill, similar to the wingsuit gliding in Batman: Arkham. Additionally, developers stated it will be able to latch onto almost any surface.

Drake’s cloaking ability was said to have some kind of drawback, and the players will be able to craft items capable of detecting the cloaked creature later on. The feathers on its head also have a unique, undisclosed ability. Most players would agree that ability is some kind of glow in the darkness. One thing’s for sure – taming the elusive drake will be a number one priority for all new survivors!

Lantern pug’s simple and straightforward ability will make it a staple pet of all survivors. Its glowing rod will provide much needed light in the darkness of Aberration and it might even help fend away some of the nocturnal predators. The lantern pug will actually be one of at least three new tameable pets, so expect to see more adorable little uglies around.

We cannot miss mentioning the terrifying cave crab as well. Besides crushing your opponents with this mighty crustacean’s claws, you will be able to toss creatures and players high and far up in the air. This will most likely be used in conjunction with rock drake and/or wingsuits for some amazing gliding acrobatics across the map.

And then we have the Nameless Queen with her “chupacabra” minions. We’ve seen from the trailer that not only does she spawn them; she can actually buff them up too. This horrifying man-eater will actually be tameable as well. However, don’t expect it to be an easily achievable feat. The reward for taming it will most likely be substantial, so players will go for it. We now know that, upon being tamed, the Nameless Queen will keep her ability to spawn and buff chuppies.

The price to pay for using that ability will be bloody though. Apparently, you will need to make a human sacrifice first. What that means exactly is still somewhat unclear, but we can already see there will be a lot of murdering going on in the name of the Nameless Queen.

3 Things to Do to Prepare

There are a couple of things you can do to be ready:

  1. Start getting used to darkness. Lower your gamma levels and experience the pitch black darkness. Sure, you might be at a disadvantage against other players, but you’ll be the last one to laugh once it gets dark in ARK: Aberration.
  2. If you own Batman: Arkham, go glide now. Apparently, both the rock drake and the wingsuit featured in the trailer will have gliding mechanics similar to our favourite black vigilante’s wingsuit. The darker setting of that game will also indirectly help you get more used to ARK: Aberration’s darkness.
  3. If you ever thought of trading away some of your beefed up creatures and dinos, especially if they’re flyers, the time to do it is right now. With the Nameless Queen and rock drake soon entering the mix, your Wyverns and Pteranodons won’t be so cool anymore.

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