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How to Hatch Eggs in Ark Survival Evolved with Incubation

By | April 28th, 2017 | Categories: ARK Survival Evolved

In ARK: Survival Evolved, players are tasked to survive and escape the ARK, a large island inhabited by mostly hostile wildlife and other potentially, unfriendly humans. To survive, players have to build a base with a shelter and find resources to ensure their survival. Farming is one of the methods to live, and that means domesticating wildlife. Players get a pack mule, faster transportation, and some added security when their breed is properly trained.

Some factors affect ARK breeding and raising wildlife in ARK. First, players have to tame or domesticate the animal or dinosaur they want to breed. Then, have them mate, and collect the resulting egg. Next, is the egg incubation until it hatches. Afterward, you have to take care of the hatching until it grows to maturity. Now, let’s dive in on How to Hatch Eggs in ARK.

What are good ARK Incubation tips and tricks?

ARK egg incubation can be tricky. As soon as you place a fertilized egg on the ground, it begins the timer for incubation. If the environment isn’t optimal for incubation, it starts to die. Storing an egg in a fridge or in your inventory is totally okay, just don’t put them on the ground.

Preparing a healthy environment is necessary for proper hatching. A room made with a high-quality insulating material is optimal, but a cave might also do the trick. To keep a room’s temperature within the egg’s hatching heat, place air conditioners or fires around the room if the egg needs a warmer environment. While the game’s wiki recommends 5-10 units, there might be a need for more or less depending on the difference of the eggs required warmth and the environment’s natural temperature.

Once the incubation room is ready, place the egg on the ground, and start the process. If the environment is stable, a yellow bar will start dropping. Depending on what creature you’re trying to hatch, waiting lasts anywhere from around an hour to two and a half days.

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Anything else to remember?

You can pick up an incubating egg and store it without problems. Incubation will just pause until you place it in an optimal hatching environment again. Patience is important for a majority of the hatching process. However, there are ways to speed up the ARK incubation processes, but it involves manipulating game files. On multiplayer mode, it only works in servers you host (you can do a Google search for more details). Remember to have food prepared for the hatchling so that your job in hatching doesn’t go down the drain.

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Eggs are achievable through breeding or buy them from other players. If it’s too time-consuming for you to tame and breed creatures, or you’re in a hurry, go to PlayerAuctions to get eggs and other items. We are committed to providing a secure and reliable trading platform, so don’t be afraid. Go and start your ARK survival adventure with the best eggs and items. Thanks for reading this post on How to Hatch Eggs in Ark.

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