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POE Breach: Quick Tips for Farming Breaches

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By | December 13th, 2016 | Categories: Path of Exile

For the newest expansion of POE Breach, here are the quick tips for farming breaches. First things first, keep a close eye on the mini map and the overlay map, because the breaches are very easily marked, but otherwise would not be able to see very easily on the main vision screen.

When you encounter a breach it is a good idea to scout out around the edge of the breech, since you will be fighting quite a significant of monsters to begin with, so you do yourself a favor by killing the periphery monster. Once you open the breach, spend the first 10 seconds to kill as many monsters as possible to maximize the limited breach open time. Then head to the bottom most section of the breach, clearing mobs as you go. You’ll eventually see blue and red tagged chests, which contain breach stone splinters. Your goal is to get as many breach splinters and shards as possible, but when you do see larger chests, those should be your priority since they contain a larger amount of breach shards, and rares.

Breaches are worth doing while leveling as well, but it is important to do them as efficiently as possible, so that they don’t set you back in your ultimate progression. You’ll get a ton of XP due to the density of mobs. Occasionally you’ll run into Breach lords, the more loot you’ll get in breach shards.

POE Breach Starter Builds:

The Cyclone Raider got major ascendancy node buffs in the last update. Rapid assault now grants onslaught, which also has a longer affect with the new nodes, PLUS new attack speed. They have also now gained a 20% for frenzy mode to activate per hit. The cyclone has a fantastic area of effect in damage which has a greater clear efficacy which essentially helps with keeping the breaches open longer.

The Flameblast Elementalist takes advantage of super old exploits still existing in Path of Exile. In the past people set very high elemental damage which enabled win order to scale their fire and ignite spells. Beacon of Ruin spreads the burn affect to nearby enemies which provides the greater benefit of triggering multiple ignites on enemies. Set any enemy on fire, and take advantage of the high impact damage in these new ascendancy builds. Flamability and elemental overload pair well to make level 16 bosses melt in no time.

Potions are rather unique in Path of Exile in that they’re not really consumables as you would expect in other MMOs. Flasks differentiate themselves by being containers of additional items. As you kill more enemies, you gradually fill them up ready for use once again.

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