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Sony Says “No” to Ark Survival Evolved Crossplay with Xbox and PS4

Ark Survival Evolved Crossplay
By | September 1st, 2017 | Categories: ARK Survival Evolved

Despite the recent good news on Microsoft and Sony agreeing to go the crossplay route on certain titles like GTAV online and a future CoD game, there are still lots of other games that Sony’s not willing to budge. Games, such as Minecraft and Rocket League went by way of the dodo for crossplay all because Sony won’t allow it. Another game is on the black list in the form of the dinosaur-themed survival game: Ark: Survival Evolved. Wildcard, the developers behind Ark, have already made their flagship game capable to crossplay between the Xbox One and PS4. Unfortunately, Sony said, “No” to Ark Survival Evolved Crossplay.

The Tweet from Wildcard

Here’s a tweet about the Ark dilemma from Jeremy Stieglitz of Wildcard: “While Microsoft is making strides in ensuring many of their games will have crossplay between PC and Nintendo Switch with both Ark and Minecraft, Sony’s declination of the progressive gaming industry evolution is a strange one indeed.” Sony recently defended their decision even though they agreed with Microsoft to crossplay with GTA V and future platforms. Nintendo is already onboard with this idea, and no other company is more family-oriented than Nintendo.

On the other hand, Sony has a point: they are the market leaders in the current industry climate. Perhaps they feel that there’s no real benefit for them to get in on the crossplay love. There is no incentive for Sony to give non-PS4 users an opportunity to play with PS4 users without investing in their platform.

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Come On Sony

If you’re as strong as Sony is right now, you won’t waste all the right cards you’re holding. Although, as it was stated earlier, Sony has already agreed to have crossplay with GTAV and a future CoD title, so the future isn’t so bleak. The company is open to the idea of crossplay with their direct competitors, but they probably need something else to sweeten the pot. Let’s just hope that Microsoft and Nintendo have attractive offers for the gaming industry giant to gain its blessing in more crossplay titles. Until then, you may have to settle for just telling your friends how a T-Rex ate you in Ark because nobody else had your back.

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