How to Get All Armored Core 6 Endings

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Much like other Souls-like games, Armored Core 6 provides players with several options for the outcome of their characters and Rubicon. Each conclusion can be obtained by following specific paths and choosing certain missions over others. If you are interested in unlocking all three available endings in the game, this guide will show you how to get all of them and in what order.

How to Get All Endings

There are currently three endings available in Armored Core 6, and it is improbable that there will be any additional conclusions in the future. Both the Good and Bad Endings can be unlocked in the first playthrough. Meanwhile, the True Ending requires a New Game++ file. However, some players recommend unlocking each in a specific order because finishing a run opens up more secrets and possibilities for other outcomes. Here is how you get all Armored Core 6 Endings:

The Fire of Raven (Bad Ending)

In Armored Core 6, players can reach the “The Fires of Raven” bad ending through specific mission choices. The turning point revolves around two missions: “Intercept the Corporate Forces” and “Eliminate ‘Cinder’ Carla.” Opting for “Intercept the Corporate Forces” aligns with Handler Walter’s stance and leads to this ending.

The Xylem crashes into Arquebus’s Vascular Plant, resulting in a significant event to thwart the perceived Collapse threat, as believed by Walter and Carla. This event aims to prevent the spread of the Coral’s contamination. Following the explosive impact, players are treated to a final scene. In it, Handler Walter conveys congratulations for securing freedom amidst the chaos. “The Fires of Raven” unfolds through three missions:

  • Intercept the Corporate Forces: Safeguard the colony ship Xylem from Arquebus forces under V.1 Freud.
  • Breach the Karman Line: Engage Arquebus ships and confront V.IV Rusty.
  • Shut Down the Closure Satellites: Confront Ayre piloting a Coral-powered AC.

How to Obtain the Bad Ending

The Bad Ending is relatively straightforward to achieve. In your first playthrough, opt for this one before exploring other options. The Good Outcome will provide more benefits if it’s done in New Game+. To trigger the Bad Ending, follow these mission choices:

  • Chapter 3: Complete Mission 22: Destroy the Special Forces Craft.
  • Chapter 4: Accomplish Mission 32: Ambush the Vespers.
  • Chapter 5: Conclude Mission 37: Intercept the Corporate Forces.
  • Unlocking Key Missions: Upon completing the missions mentioned, the “Breach the Karman Line” and “Shut Down the Closure” assignments will be opened.
  • Culminating Events: Successfully finishing these missions will trigger a significant cutscene and, ultimately, the “The Fires of Raven” ending.

Liberator of Rubicon (Good Ending)

Players can achieve the “Liberator of Rubicon” ending by choosing the mission “Eliminate ‘Cinder’ Carla.” This decision aligns with Ayre and opposes Walter and Carla’s view, aiming to save the Coral and avert the Xylem’s collision with the Vascular Plant. This path involves supporting the Rubicon Liberation Front and thwarting corporate dominance.

Upon defeating Walter, the Xylem crashes into the ocean safely. The game ends uncertainly, as Ayre hints at humanity’s “potential” and the Coral’s future role. Missions leading to the “Liberator of Rubicon” ending unfold uniquely:

  • Taking Down Carla: Engage Carla to seize control of the Xylem, but face setbacks due to her countermeasures.
  • Target: Xylem’s Generators: Under Ayre’s guidance, destroy the Xylem’s generators, culminating in a battle against V.II Snail and a modified Balteus.
  • Confronting Walter: Engage Walter, piloting a Coral-powered AC, in a showdown to halt his plans.

How to Obtain a Good Ending

The Good Ending is attainable on the first playthrough but is ideally pursued in New Game+. After getting the Bad Outcome in the first run, here is what you need to do to get the Good Conclusion:

  • Chapter 1: Complete Mission 6: Attack the Dam Complex. Choose to REFUSE when presented with an option.
  • Chapter 3: Complete Mission 19: Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech (New Game+ exclusive).
  • Chapter 3: Accomplish Mission 21: Eliminate the Enforcement Squads.
  • Chapter 4: Conclude Mission 31: Intercept the Redguns.
  • Chapter 5: Finish Mission 38: Eliminate “Cinder” Carla.
  • Unlocking Key Missions: These decisions unlock the missions “Destroy the Block Drive” and “Bring Down the Xylem.”
  • Path to Resolution: Completing these missions triggers a significant cutscene and the “Liberator of Rubicon” ending.

True “Alea lacta Est” Ending

Achieving the true “Alea lacta Est” ending in Armored Core 6 requires a specific process involving three playthroughs. Players must first attain both of the other endings on the same save file before trying to unlock this profound resolution. The third playthrough, where the “Alea lacta Est” ending is pursued, introduces significant variations. Notably, ALLMIND’s role in the plot becomes more prominent, which leads to substantial deviations from the standard narrative paths.

This route markedly diverges from the conventional “Reach the Coral Convergence” mission. Rather than confronting the typical IB-01 CEL 240 boss, players face Snail and G5 Iguazu at ALLMIND’s behest. This shift culminates in the “MIA” mission, featuring a linear progression. In pursuit of the “Coral Release” foreseen in the “Liberator of Rubicon” ending, players unite with ALLMIND. This requires combating Arquebus remnants under V.III Pater’s command at Watchpoint Alpha.

Players sabotage the Xylem, Carla, and Walter’s intended crash into the Vascular Plant. ALLMIND eliminates Carla and Walter offscreen, setting the stage for the showdown. ALLMIND emerges as the ultimate adversary, revealing its integration with Iguazu. The confrontation culminates in the “Coral Release,” where Coral spreads across the cosmos. Ayre pledges to embrace this “new age” alongside the protagonist.

How to Obtain the True Ending

To achieve the True Ending, players must navigate specific Decision Missions:

  • In Chapter 1, complete Mission 6: Attack the Dam Complex and choose to ACCEPT.
  • For New Game+ and New Game++ only
  • In Chapter 3, complete Mission 19: Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech.
  • For New Game+ and New Game++ only
  • In Chapter 3, complete Mission 21: Eliminate the Enforcement Squads.
  • In Chapter 4, complete Mission 26-B: Coral Export Denial, followed by the Depth exploration missions.
  • Defeat all Arena opponents, achieving the top rank.
  • In Chapter 4, complete Mission 33-B: Eliminate V.III
  • These missions lead to unlocking “MIA,” “Regain Control of the Xylem,” and “Coral Release.”
  • The culmination of these missions unveils the ending, Alea lacta Est.

The game’s True Ending, aptly named “Alea Iacta Est,” demands New Game++ status. Players will be poised to unlock this culmination if the guide’s sequence is followed. This resolution involves siding with ALLMIND.

Tips When Playing Armored Core 6

If you plan on collecting all endings in AC6, you must ensure you are up for the grind because you will have to put in considerable time. There are several ways for gamers to shorten their playthrough and make their sessions more efficient. Here are tips to help you get all three endings in the shortest time possible:

  • Prioritize Staggering Enemies – Focus on filling the enemy’s ACS Gauge (stagger meter) to stagger them, leaving them susceptible to significant damage. Try utilizing high-stagger-damage weapons like explosives to stun foes and seize opportunities to strike quickly.
  • Use Environmental Advantages – Use your surroundings strategically and seek cover behind obstacles to evade enemy gunfire. Focus on employing the environment for surprise assaults on your adversaries.
  • Regular Gear Upgrades – Consistently upgrade your weapons and armor to enhance combat capabilities. Strengthening your gear as you progress in the game is vital for increased power.
  • Opt for a Balanced Build – Avoid excessive focus on a single stat like firepower or armor. A well-rounded build offers the best chance of success, granting versatility in various combat scenarios.
  • Study Enemy Attack Patterns – Observe and learn the attack patterns of your opponents. This knowledge aids in dodging enemy assaults and identifying openings for counterattacks.
  • Exercise Patience – Armored Core 6 presents formidable challenges. Embrace a patient mindset and view each encounter as a learning opportunity rather than expecting immediate victory.

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