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Top 20 Best Mods for Baldur’s Gate 3

By | August 15th, 2023 | Categories: Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is looking to be one of the best RPGs released in a long time, and many players are looking for the best ways to increase their enjoyment of the game (if that’s even possible). The modding community has again taken the spotlight as hundreds of mods are released for players to customize their settings. This list will provide you with the best modifications that you should consider adding to Baldur’s Gate 3:

Best Mods in Baldur’s Gate 3

Many mods are available out there, and you can find NexusMods. However, some provide more advantages than others which can improve your overall gameplay. Here are the best mods that you should add to your settings:

1. Customizer’s Compendium

The Customizer’s Compendium, a creation by AlanaSP, stands out as a true testament to the power of player expression. While Baldur’s Gate 3 already boasts a robust character creator, this mod elevates customization to a new level. With many additional options for hairstyles, horns, ears, and colors, players can meticulously craft characters that align perfectly with their vision. 

This level of granularity not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of characters but also deepens the sense of immersion by allowing players to bring their creative visions to life within the game world. The Customizer’s Compendium essentially hands players the brush to paint their unique stories onto the canvas of Baldur’s Gate 3.

2. LvlUp

For those seeking to delve into the pinnacle of character progression, the LvlUp mod by Naxesss offers a game-changing opportunity. By raising the level cap from its original state, this mod allows characters to reach level 20, mirroring the coveted milestone of D&D 5e. This opens the floodgates of customization, offering additional spells for spellcasters and unique abilities for fighters beyond the original game’s scope. 

The result is a gameplay experience where characters fully embody their chosen classes, unleashing their true potential. While currently only compatible with Patch 7, the impending release of the Patch 8 version, known as BG3 Beyond, promises to enhance character growth further.

3. Basket Full of Equipment

In role-playing games, the thrill of outfitting characters with distinct gear is a fundamental joy. The Basket Full of Equipment mod amplifies this joy by injecting over 500 new pieces of equipment into Baldur’s Gate 3. This treasure trove of items grants players the freedom to curate unique looks for their characters, enhancing their visual appeal and sense of identity within the game world. While some color discrepancies have surfaced post-patch, the sheer variety of fashion options ensures that adventurers can embody their desired personas with flair and creativity.

4. 5e Spells

While Baldur’s Gate 3 impeccably emulates the spellcasting mechanics of D&D 5e, the 5e Spells mod takes it further by bridging gaps in the spell list. DiZ91891’s mod introduces various new and modified spells, from cantrips to the coveted ninth-level ones. This infusion of new magical abilities adds depth to spellcasters’ arsenals and broadens tactical possibilities during combat encounters. With a comprehensive array of spells, players can further shape their characters’ strategies and engage in dynamic interactions with the game world.

5. Improved UI

A polished user interface in game design is often an unsung hero contributing significantly to the player experience. The Improved UI mod addresses this by streamlining the game’s interface, enhancing elements such as dialogue option screens, and removing version number indicators. These subtle yet impactful changes minimize distractions, fostering a seamless, immersive gameplay experience. The mod helps players remain engrossed in the story and mechanics by eliminating unnecessary clutter, allowing for a more organic connection to the game world.

6. Carry Extra Weight

The dance of inventory management is a constant struggle in RPGs, often oscillating between satisfaction and frustration. The Carry Extra Weight mod intervenes by significantly expanding inventory capacity, freeing players from the shackles of limited space. With the newfound ability to haul more items, adventurers can delve into explorations and looting with a sense of liberation, unburdened by the need for constant inventory rearrangement. This mod elevates the gameplay experience by allowing players to collect and carry items without compromise.

7. Races Unleashed

The diverse races in Baldur’s Gate 3 contribute to its rich tapestry of storytelling and role-playing. Mharius’ Races Unleashed mod series enriches this diversity by introducing additional features to selected races. Whether Darkvision for Dragonborn or extra traits for Drow, this mod empowers players to craft characters that resonate with their preferences. By allowing players to personalize races with unique characteristics, the mod enhances role-playing possibilities and encourages players to explore fresh narratives.

8. Multiclass Unlocker

Multiclassing offers a gateway to complex character builds and versatile playstyles. The Multiclass Unlocker mod extends this opportunity to players regardless of the chosen difficulty level, lifting the restriction that confined multiclassing to specific modes. This opens the door to diverse character development strategies, enabling players to weave intricate combinations of classes and abilities. The mod’s compatibility with Explorer mode ensures that players seeking a more lenient experience can still engage in the thrilling art of multiclassing, enhancing their tactical toolkit.

9. Party Limit Begone

In epic adventures, companions often play a pivotal role in shaping narratives and combat dynamics. The Party Limit Begone mod addresses the challenge of limited party size by allowing players to venture forth with an enormous entourage. While potentially impacting game balance, this transformational mod enhances the narrative depth by enabling players to forge unique relationships with a broader array of characters. This mod is a perfect fit for those who prioritize camaraderie and wish to explore the depth of character interactions.

10. More Feats

Feats offer a gateway to character specialization and diversity, imbuing adventurers with unique strengths and tactical advantages. The More Feats mod by Djmr amplifies this diversity by introducing new and modified feats into the game. From altering existing accomplishments to introducing brand-new options, this mod elevates the sense of character individuality. Players can tailor their characters’ abilities to align more closely with their desired playstyle, further enriching the gameplay experience.

11. Choose Your Stats

The Choose Your Stats mod, crafted by lostsoulman, offers a unique approach to character attributes. Players can fine-tune their characters ‘ traits to align with their preferred playstyle with the ability to alter armor class, base stats, speed, and more using in-game potions. This mod grants a sense of agency over character progression, allowing players to craft heroes uniquely tailored to their vision.

12. Bless And Bane – Manual Targeting

The Bless And Bane – Manual Targeting mod, developed by Maximuuus1, introduces an element of tactical control by allowing players to select their spell targets manually. Departing from the automatic targeting system, this mod empowers players to choose their spell recipients strategically, optimizing the impact of their magical abilities. This mod offers dynamic gameplay enhancement for those seeking to enhance their combat prowess through precise spellcasting.

13. Gold Zero Weight

The Gold Zero Weight mod addresses the often overlooked issue of the weight of amassed wealth. With the ability to minimize the importance of gold, players can amass fortunes without suffering the encumbrance that typically accompanies riches. This mod not only streamlines inventory management but also encourages players to accumulate wealth as a means of progression without the burdensome weight penalties.

14. Tav’s Hair Salon

The Tav’s Hair Salon mod by KittenTails introduces an expansive array of hairstyles, enriching character customization with an impressive variety of options. While offering more choices for feminine-presenting characters, the mod caters to a wide range of preferences. By allowing players to curate their characters’ hairstyles meticulously, the mod empowers adventurers to infuse their avatars with distinct personalities and expressions.

15. Backgrounds Enhanced

The Backgrounds Enhanced mod infuses fresh vitality into character origins by introducing additional character backgrounds and skill proficiency adjustments. This mod gives players more choices when crafting their characters’ backstories, enhancing the narrative richness of each avatar. The mod encourages players to embrace the complexity of their characters’ journeys by offering new proficiencies aligned with background selections.

16. Fast XP

The Fast XP mod, developed to expedite early-game level progression, caters to repeat players seeking swift access to character milestones. This mod accelerates character growth by doubling experience points earned until level six, allowing players to access advanced abilities and multiclass options sooner. While potentially impacting game difficulty, the mod caters to those who prioritize swift character development.

17. Enhanced Gear Progression

The Enhanced Gear Progression mod addresses a common frustration by injecting enhanced loot progression into the game. By diversifying loot tables and introducing improved versions of weapons and armor, this mod grants a tangible sense of reward for explorations and combat encounters. This mod ensures players enjoy a more consistent flow of equipment upgrades throughout their adventures.

18. Legendary Items

The Legendary Items mod, crafted by Oiff, introduces various legendary weapons and gear into Baldur’s Gate 3. This mod enhances combat diversity and infuses a sense of epicness into battles. With offerings ranging from awe-inspiring artifacts to creatively amusing items, the mod transforms encounters into moments of anticipation and surprise.

19. Action Resources Replenish AFTER Combat

The Action Resources Replenish AFTER Combat mod intervenes in the pacing of battles by ensuring that action resources and points are immediately restored after combat concludes. By eliminating the need for short or long rests, this mod maintains the momentum of gameplay, allowing players to engage in successive encounters without interruption. This mod caters to those who prioritize a seamless combat experience.

20. Action Resources Replenish AFTER Combat

The Casters Extra mod expands the array of character subclasses by incorporating selections from D&D 5e that did not make it into the base game. This mod introduces various subclasses, including the Twilight Domain Cleric and the Bladesong Wizard. Additionally, the mod allows players to summon unique familiars. The mod broadens character customization and playstyle possibilities by incorporating balanced and well-integrated subclasses.

How to Install Mods in Baldur’s Gate 3

Installing mods for Baldur’s Gate 3 is a straightforward process. Begin by downloading the desired mod and then transferring the downloaded file to the mods folder on your PC. For Windows users, locating the Baldur’s Gate 3 mods folder involves a few simple steps:

  • Look up “%AppData%” in the search bar and press enter, opening the corresponding folder.
  • Access the ‘Larian Studios’ directory within the app data folder, followed by the ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ folder.
  • Inside this folder, locate and open the ‘Mods’ directory.
  • Paste or move the downloaded mod file.

Explore and Search

Aside from the 20 mods listed here, you could look for more on other platforms. There are more outstanding modifications that fulfill particular niche demands or your specific interest. Browse modding sites to find the best mods that will fit your playstyle.

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