Palia Best Romance Options

Palia Best Romance
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Palia has a delightful cast of NPCs you can befriend. If you’re searching for a deeper connection in this cozy MMO, there are a handful of potential candidates you can date. Each of them is their own “person,” so they’ll all have their own likes, weekly wants, and friendship stories you need to tackle before taking things up a notch.

There are nine NPCs you can romance in Palia, and you don’t have to be pinned down to one person, either. Thanks to the game’s open-ended dating mechanics, you can go steady with multiple characters. Plus, you’ll see their quests and storyline if you go out with an NPC. If you’re unsure of who you should be an item with, I’ll cover the best to worst romanceable NPCs in Palia you should take note of.

Palia Romance Guide: Who Should You Pick?

There are currently nine romanceable characters in Palia, with more to come in the future. There’s no news from Singularity Six on who these characters will be, but we can expect more NPCs to be a part of Kilima Village once the MMO is fully released. You’re free to pursue any characters in the game—regardless of body type and gender.

1.   Tish

Tish is the type of character that oozes cottage core vibes, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, depending on whether you like it or not. Known as the furniture maker extraordinaire, Tish runs the furniture shop in Kilima Village, where you can purchase decorations, dining tables, and everything else you’ll need to spruce up your home. She’s the one who will help get you started as you beautify your home, offering new recipes here and there as you level up your Furnishing skills. Tish is also Reth’s sister, another romance candidate up for grabs.

2.   Nai’o

The older brother of Auni, Nai’o is a hardworking young man who helps around his family’s farm. You can usually find him outside town or near the mayor’s house. In the game, he’s infatuated with Kenyatta, the mayor’s daughter. But who’s to say you can’t steal his affections? Nai’o is sort of like Palia’s prince charming. Sporting good looks, smooth blonde hair, and the eagerness to help his family, it’s hard not to pick him over any other characters in the game.

3.   Einar

Being a Galdur doesn’t mean Einar’s not capable of feeling love. Galdurs are living robots who embody Oneness. What’s the Oneness, you ask? Players aren’t entirely sure what it is, but I believe it to be a state of mind.

At his core, Einar is a sweet fisherman who’s always down to discuss the various critters you find in the area where he usually stays. You can regularly find him at Fisherman’s Lagoon during the day; after that, he’ll be at home. You won’t be able to enter his home without a key, though. This goes the same for any of the other NPC’s homes.

Einar’s an ancient being with mysterious origins. He knows much but says little. You might initially find him a bit too solemn for your tastes, but you’ll be enamored with his enthusiasm when talking about fishing or his pebble collection.

4.   Reth

An easygoing smooth-talking guy, Reth is your go-to person when it comes to everything cooking related. At first, you only have the option to cook grilled dishes with your campfire, but once you have all the appliances you need in your home, you’ll need to get some recipes. That’s where Reth comes in. His shops will sell you crafting recipes for the furniture you’ll need to cook at home and the recipes to cook using those pieces.

Sometimes the way to a man’s or a woman’s heart is through his stomach, so I won’t be surprised if Reth tantalizes you with his cooking repertoire and amazing dishes.

5.   Jina

You might remember Jina. How could you not? She’s one of the first characters you meet after appearing at the start of Palia. Not only did she give you a rundown of what the world is like, but she also gave you instructions on how to get settled in your new life.

Jina’s the curious type, meaning she’s always looking to discover something new and learn. Along with her companion, Hekela, you can often find them excavating for clues to the past and artifacts in the ruins. Although she occasionally visits the library after conducting her research as well.

The determination that Jina has as she trains to become a full-fledged archaeologist is contagious. There are times when she gets hyperfocused on her research, though.

6.   Jel

Jel is quite the fancy boy. As the town’s tailor and resident fashionista, it’s no surprise he’s a dapper-looking fellow from head to toe. If you go to his shop, you can purchase new outfits for your character using Palia’s premium currency. You can also acquire textiles from him to do some crafting at home.

Jel’s big city design may be too flashy for some, and he can act a tad pompous, but he has a keen eye for fashion and a penchant for design. He might appear a tad pompous to some, but you might like his personality once you befriend him.

7.   Kenyatta

Kenyatta’s the daughter of the mayor. She’s usually working at the front desk, much to her chagrin. The young, spunky girl loves to annoy her mother by doing things “unfit for a mayor’s daughter.” She’s currently dating Nai’o, albeit secretly. However, you can still catch her fancy if you impress her.

Kenyatta might come off rough around the edges, but she slowly lightens up the more you raise your Friendship Level with her.

8.   Tamala

The main reason why Tamala is near the bottom of this list is because there’s too little payoff for the effort you have to do just to talk to her. She lives alone in the far reaches of Bahari Bay. Chances are, you may never meet in the game if you don’t go looking for her. With a mysterious and aloof personality, Tamala spends most of her time gathering ingredients for her potions.

Other residents in the village may warn you to stay away from her, and I have to agree with them—unless you’ve already fallen under her spell if you fancy her witchy vibes.

9.   Hassian

No, you can’t fix him. Hassian is the type of guy that likes to give off this mysterious air by brooding too much. While he’s in charge of the Hunting guild and an expert tracker and hunter, it’s best to let him be alone with the woods.

Hassian’s gruff nature definitely isn’t for everyone. Some may argue that his loyal dog, Tau, is his only redeeming quality. He’s not a huge talker and will often scold you for chatting with him in the first place. If you do warm up to him, though, he’ll teach you the tricks of his trade, such as giving you crafting recipes for arrows and upgradeable bows.

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