How to Become an Immortal in Diablo Immortal

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Being one of the Immortals is no joke in Diablo Immortal. Which is the highest title that you can obtain in the dark world of Diablo Immortal. The Immortals Clan in Diablo is the most powerful, and not everyone can be qualified. Are you up to the challenge of accomplishing this?

Take note; there are two ways of becoming an Immortal in Diablo Immortal; reading this guide will give you the information necessary to achieve your goal.

Invitation From A Friend

Getting invited by a friend is the easiest way to get into the Immortal Clan, as long as they are already members and you have already reached character level 43. That’s pretty much it for this section.

Complete Quests and Character Progress

Completing your quests and making your character the toughest it can be, is not an easy thing to do. This second method would take time and a lot of dedication, and we’ll walk you through every step.

The first step would be to team up with the Shadows. They are another clan that is just as powerful as the Immortals. You must win the lottery. Here are the things you need to do.

  1. Head over to Westmarch at these times; 12 pm, 6 pm, or 9 pm.
  2. Talk to Mysterious Patron by going inside Wolf City Tavern and participating in the lottery.
  3. Wait for the results. It usually takes around an hour; you, with the lottery, interact with the Mysterious Patron.
  4. Once the conversation is over with the Patron, you will receive the quest “Bartender Baily” and venture to the three domains you need to complete.
  • Path of Blood: Survive the three stages of low-level mobs.
  • Raid the Vault: Head over to your Vault Master and interact with the NPC. You will be raiding an Immortal Vault while being attacked by Wardens. Mobs will spawn while completing this domain, and the Immortals will be notified. Take them down as fast as you can to complete the challenge.
  • Defeat the Ancient Champions: Once done with “Path of Blood” and “Raid the Vault,” go back to Wolf City Taven to speak with the Patron, as this will initiate the final quest where you will be tested by defeating three Ancient Champions. These Champions shall challenge you individually, allowing you to have preparation time.

Now it is time to put in the grind to reach level 43, as this is still a requirement despite completing Bartender Baily. Do not worry; we will still provide you with information about the fastest way to gain experience points to assist you. We got your back!

How To Level Up Fast

There are several ways to gain experience points in Diablo Immortal. All you need is to keep your determination and be patient. You are all most there!

  • Completing Quests: Completing your quests is the most basic way of gaining experience points, especially climbing up from the lower levels. Quests offer more experience than side missions; this would be your top priority.
  • Clear Zones: You do not need to kill all mobs in every domain. However, some Quests and Dungeons may require eliminating every enemy. Every destination you pass through eliminates enemies along the way, as they will still provide experience points that allow you to progress in the story.
  • Dungeons: Completing Dungeons would be the most obvious one on the list, as these are repeatable, increasing your chances of gaining more experience points. The most notable domains that provide the most experience points would be; Forgotten Tower, Tomb of Fahir, and Mad King’s Breach.
  • Pass Helliquary: Also known as raids in Diablo Immortal. Raids can be completed alone or in a Warband; be prepared as this can be pretty challenging. Once completed, you will not only gain a considerable amount of experience points but valuable drops too.

Remember that the Helliquary can be unlocked once you are level 40 or 45 and only after completing the story in Bilefen. Go back to Westmarch and enter the Workshop to talk to Deckard Cain, who will initiate the Hellliquary quest. Complete the quest for it to be unlocked.

  • Slay Beasts in the Bestiary: The Bestiary does not give that many experience points, but it should be considered since gaining experience points is the goal. Slay monsters and collect their Monstrous Essence. 10 Monstrous Essence will unlock Bestiary Entries to give you rewards. The limit in your pouch to hold this essence is only 10; consume them once they’re full, and maximize the item.
  • Grinding the Battle Pass: The battle pass does provide experience points as a F2P (free to play) player. Even so, there are additional experience points and rewards to collect from the battle pass if you were to pay the price of $4.99.
  • Completing the Codex: Most of your experience points will be gained through completing the Codex, as this also assists you in completing your battle pass.

What Happens When You are An Immortal

There are plenty of activities you would have to do as an Immortal daily, and these activities aren’t too hard, but if we compare this to a Shadow Clan, there is much less work to put in. Shadow Clan members would have to make contracts, the Path of Blood, Vault Raids, etc. While being an Immortal requires doing one of the many dungeons, complete bounties (usually two are required), one Challenge Rift, Temple of the Mari, Mad Kings, and a few more. Once you complete these tasks, you are done for the day for your “Immortal Duties.”

You can also go to the Hall of Ascension, where other Immortal members gather; this is different from the Court of Whispers. The difference is the area looks “Godly,” royal, and immaculate in terms of the area’s design. This location also holds the vault of the Immortals, only this time, instead of raiding the vault, your job is to defend it.

Immortals also have access to the Rite of Exile, and this is an event where you would need to defend your title as an Immortal. The top 10 dark clans from the Shadows will send eight of their most vital members to combat eight Immortals. The Rite of Exile holds ten different 8v8 battles simultaneously, and if Shadow fighters win at least half of them, their clan shall take over and become the new Immortals.

It will be quite a journey to become an Immortal but may luck be on your side.

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