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Almost all of DoTA’s heroes have already made a successful transition to DoTA 2. Save one – Pit Lord. Azgalor, that hulking strength-type multi-role hero of the Scourge, left behind in the graphically dated and Warcraft 3 engine-dependent mod – until The International 6, that is. Now he’s back and better-looking – in a repugnant way, of course – and just as destructive and disruptive to his enemies and assistive to his allies, if not more. He also has a new name and title: Vrogros, the Underlord.

Old Lord, Same Skills, New Name In New Game

Out of the pit and back into battle, Vrogros has retained his skillset and his stat growth. In case you’re playing DoTA 2 but didn’t play the original Frozen Throne map, here’s a quick rundown of his skills:

  • Firestorm – six waves of fire rains on targeted 400-radius AOE. Dealing 25/40/55/70 damage + 0.75/1.5/2.25/3% of the affected unit’s HP.
  • Pit of Malice – a 7-second AOE arena trap units in it for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds and deal them with 100 damage. If the trap duration is over for a unit, it will no longer be trapped again by the same skill instance.
  • Atrophy Aura – a 900-radius aura reduces damage of enemy units by 18/26/34/42%. If an enemy unit dies while afflicted by it, Underlord gains bonus damage – 5 from creeps, and 30/35/40/45 for heroes for 30/40/50/60 seconds.
  • Dark Rift – a global mass teleport skill that opens a 450-radius AOE portal that brings all heroes who stand in it to the targeted area, with a teleport delay of 5/4/3 seconds. The skill is cancellable by toggling on it, but it will be counted as cast and therefore go into cooldown.

Under Different Roles

Because of his greatly varied yet strangely synergistic skillset, Vrogros can serve different roles, sometimes all at once. But regardless of what role you play in Dota 2, you’ll be using Firestorm to farm and whittle down enemy HP before (or during) the big clash. You’ll be relying on this skill a lot, so mana regen is a must. For that his core items Arcane Boots, Eul’s (which gives you time to set up Pit of Malice), and Magic Wand are a big help. Linken’s Sphere also helps. You’ll also be relying on Dark Rift for ganks and escapes, so use it wisely.

Now, for the different roles. First we have support, which is the most common role for Underlord. And rightfully so, as he’s a tough support that takes can take more damage than your regular support. All while reducing them at the same time, thanks to his Atrophy Aura. And in synergy with his damage reduction are healing items such as Mekanesm/Guardian Greaves, or even more damage reduction such as Crimson Guard, Pipe of Insight, and Lotus Orb. On the side, this helps him double as a tank. And when it comes to disabling enemies with Pit of Malice, it’d be best to have a Blink Dagger to get your targets at the right spot and moment. Plus it’d be a big plus for his mobility, which he lacks by himself.

On the other hand, if you would rather have Underlord as a damage-over-time tank than a support tank, go for Radiance and Heart of Tarrasque. This should help you in pushing, and it gives a massive normal attack bonus. You may find dota2 items here.

Underlord’s arrival in the roster can mean the unstoppable march to victory of teams with players who know how to use this fearsome dominator best.  So if you’re not yet one of them, that’s alright, there’s still plenty of time to learn, and hopefully this post served as a good start.


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