The Best Mice for Overwatch Used By the Pros

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Choosing a mouse is an important matter to every gamer, even more, if we’re talking about Overwatch and other shooters. What we look for in a mouse is for it to be precise, comfortable, easy to slide across the mousepad and customizable extra buttons. I’ve come with a list of the Best Mice for Overwatch that are most used amongst OverwatchPROs.

The Top 5 Mice

(1) Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

Logitech worked together with eSports athletes to create this mouse. The company assures you the mouse is designed specifically to enhance performance in the competitive play. Many pros have chosen this mouse because it has a nice and comfortable design taken from the classic G100s providing accuracy and responsiveness.

It has six programmable buttons, you can change the lighting colors, and it’s durable and made to resist consistent clicking (great for us, gamers). The mouse can last over 20 million clicks and the tracking resolution goes from 200 to 12,000 dpi.

It’s a small, light and simple corded mouse, which is great for people that have small hands. At a first glance, it doesn’t look like much but it tops as the best gaming mouse for Overwatch for its precision and effectiveness.

OverwatchPro Players that use this mouse: Surefour (Los Angeles Gladiators), SoOn (Los Angeles Valiant), Xepher (Seoul Dynasty), sinatraa (San Francisco Shock).

(2) Zowie EC2-A

If you think the mouse from above was simple, prepare to meet Zowie mice from BenQ. They’re like that shy and quiet genius hiding from everyone’s sight. It doesn’t look like much, doesn’t have lighting and colors but it surely does its job.

Zowie EC2-A goes from 400 to 3200 dpi, it has an ergonomic shape (sadly only for right-handed users), it doesn’t need any other programs to use it (I’m looking at you, Logitech), it’s small for tiny hands, and it has 5 programmable buttons.

Although it’s not beautiful, this mouse provides an impeccable performance with tracking accuracy whilst giving a smooth sensation to your hand.

OverwatchPro Players that use this mouse: Taimou (Dallas Fuel), Logix (Florida Mayhem), Fragi (Philadelphia Fusion)

(3) Logitech G403

Logitech hit us again with a beautiful ergonomic design featuring a removable weight, customizable lighting, six programmable buttons and the characteristic sensor accuracy of this brand.

Setting aside the 10-gram weight, this mouse has another great thing: it has an onboard memory that remembers your settings so you can change computers without worrying about tedious setups.

Other than that, it’s very similar to the top 1 of this list.

OverwatchPro Players that use this mouse: Seagull (Dallas Fuel), Mendokusaii (Houston Outlaws), Boombox (Philadephia Fusion)

(4) Zowie FK1

BenQ fixes EC2-A with the FK1, making this mouse ambidextrous! Basically, it has all the things from the EC2-A: great sensor, from 400 to 3200 dpi, plug and play BUT it also has two sets of thumb buttons for right-handed and left-handed people and it can be switched easily (from right to left hand).

The Zowie FK1 is minimalistic, simple, light-weighted and it can be used both with the claw grip and the palm grip.

OverwatchPro Players that use this mouse: Harryhook and Chipshajen (Dallas Fuel), Zebbosai (Florida Mayhem), JAKE (Houston Outlaws).

 (5) RazerDeathadder Chroma

Now, this mouse is told to be the world’s most popular gaming mouse and it’s also Amazon’s Choice but Overwatch players may differ a lot on this (and I say this because this mouse is used 3 times less than the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse by the Overwatch Pros). Maybe because of the brand and don’t get me wrong, the Deathadder Chroma is a nice mouse, too.

The thing is that personally, I think the mouse is overrated because it’s flashy and expensive (it’s the most expensive mouse on this list). However, let’s get to the point and see what’s great about the Deathadder.

It has five programmable buttons, it’s ergonomic, 16.8 million customizable color options, it goes up to 10,000 dpi, it has rubber side grips and taking aside its great responsiveness, it’s also capable of tracking even on glass surfaces.

In conclusion, the Razer Deathadder it’s a great durable mouse preferred by many people.

OverwatchPro Players that use this mouse: Gido (Seoul Dynasty), ShaDowBurn (Philadelphia Fusion), iddqd (San Francisco Shock).

Mouse Pads

However, it’s not all about the mice, having a mouse pad is truly important when it comes to good performance in Overwatch. The mouse pad should be thin, nice to the skin of the hand, resistant, and large. This way it won’t hurt your hand, it will be easy to slide the mouse and you’ll need lots of space if you use a low effective DPI.

The most used mouse pads by the Overwatch pros are the Logitech G640, the Zowie G-SR, and the SteelSeries Rubber Base Gaming Mouse Pad.

Wrapping Things Up

Generally, mice from Logitech and Zowie(BenQ) are preferred by a vast majority of pro Overwatch players, leaving little space for brands like Razer and SteelSeries.

But what makes a mouse suitable to be used by a pro player? I might not be playing in the Overwatch league this year but I have this clear: a mouse has to be precise, responsive, corded, comfortable, and it has to have programmable buttons (and don’t forget about the durability, playing 5 hours a day is not only bad for you but for your mice and keyboard, too!).

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