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Double Whammy: Dota 2 New Characters

Dota 2 New Characters
By | October 3rd, 2017 | Categories: E-Sports

In MOBAs, changing the meta is a good way of keeping the game fresh and enjoyable. Developers tweak items and hero skills (even their looks)! However, tweaking can only do so much; eventually, devs will have to add a new hero to bring new skills to the table or add a new choice for a particular role. After importing all heroes from the original Frozen Throne map and adding Monkey King, Valve continues to step it up with Dota 2 New Characters. For 2017, it’s not going to be just one, but two in one large update.

Pangolin Preview

In Dota 2 tradition, Valve revealed the two upcoming heroes through a trailer for the upcoming Dueling Fates patch for later this year, which was in 2017’s The International. There’s a human-sized bipedal pangolin hero, which players have already named as “Pangolin,” wearing a feather hat and wielding a saber, slashes through waves of creeps in castle ruins. As he weaves through the commotion as though he’s a member of the Three Musketeers, he encounters Bristleback. In fact, Bristleback looks like Pangolin, somewhat, whom he strips of all quills and Magnus, whose head he jumps on for his finale. Then, there’s the epilogue, where he and another upcoming hero, Sylph, are talking to each other.

Other than what went on at The International, nothing else is known about Pangolin. Going by how he moved and fought in the preview, it’s likely that he’s going to be a carry hero whose primary attribute would probably be Agility.

Sylph in the System

Since there’s nothing else we can draw any speculation from, let’s focus on Sylph instead. Between the two, she’s the one that was “revealed” first. Yes, she is the one that the player base has been discussing for longer, and there’s more info about Sylph. Players have been teased of her inclusion way before the swashbuckling armor-plated mammal ever was in a stealthy way. Upon checking the game files back in May, a few players noticed lines of script that apparently define her normal attack and spells.

Apparently, she’s a ranged hero with the skills of (1) Grapple, (2) Shadow Realm, (3) Flash Powder, and (4) Will-o-Wisp. If you want to see the little bits of info players have on Sylph in a way that’s easier to understand, check out the Unreleased Content and Sylph pages of the Dota 2 Gamepedia. The Sylph pages have sound clips, so you might want to listen to some beats.

Fairy Nice to Meet You

Sylph’s personality, role, and play style, on the other hand, remains up in the air. According to folklore, a sylph is a mythological spirit of the air. Also, they are often interchanged with fairies. Regardless of whether that’s right or wrong, it became common “knowledge.” Dota 2’s rendition of the sprite is less windy and more fairy both in looks and attitude.

By attitude, we mean the trickster fairy kind of way, which is common in old tales, and it’s how Sylph is portrayed. After Pangolin’s grandstanding, the mini-epilogue showed us that the two know each other. Pangolin told her that the forest is safe now and called her love, but after she unleashed on him a small and pink sprite-like critter, then the screen fades to black. Although Dota 2 heroes play styles are somehow related to their personality, it’s likely that she’s a hero that requires lots of quick button presses and elaborate spell sequences.

In MOBAs, a new hero means a new character to be enamored with, and a new way to play the game. So, for Dota 2, once the Dueling Fates patch is finally up, that’s going to be two for both. Despite knowing very little about these two new souls to grace the roster and not knowing the exact date of their outing, we’re already pumped to take them for a spin.

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