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Special Loot Boxes and Events

Special events bring many new things: highlight intros, emotes, victory poses, player icons, voice lines, sprays but the most important are SKINS! I know there are great things like arcade and brawl special modes but we’re talking about Overwatch Seasonal Skins.

The skins are just for several days in a year, and the purpose is to give players a different experience while enjoying real-life cultural happenings. They contribute to the coming back of lots of players who are mainly interested in looting the skins offered by the special occasion, after all, is a one-time-of-a-year opportunity!

The happenings fit a unique festivity like Winter Wonderland fits Christmas. Below you’ll find more info about the skins and the event where you can expect to find them.

Year of the Rooster Skins

This event is not going to be repeatable at least in 11 years, it refers to the Chinese New Year and this year was the Rooster’s Year! The skins feature a nice Asiatic touch with predomination of the color red, of course.  The skins launched with the Year of the Rooster are:

  1. Tal Ana
  2. Rooster Bastion
  3. Palanquin D.Va
  4. Firework Junkrat
  5. Chang’e
  6. Luna Mei
  7. Fortune Mercy
  8. Wujing Reinhardt
  9. Bajie Roadhog
  10. Qipao Symmetra
  11. Rose Tracer
  12. Wukong Winston
  13. Sanzang Zenyatta

Summer Games Skins

There have been two summer games since Overwatch was released. The premise of this event is to emphasize in the current sports’ panorama. The first one was about the Olympics and the skins act many times as uniforms like Taegeukgi D.Va, wearing a South Korea uniform or Lúcio wearing a Brasilian one (Seleção and Striker). Zarya joins majestically resembling the Spanish weightlifter Lidia Valentin (Champion and Weightlifter). Other skins include the following:

  1. Nihon Genji
  2. Cricket Junkrat
  3. American and Lifeguard McCree
  4. Eidgenossin
  5. Winged Victory Mercy
  6. Biker Reaper
  7. Grillmaster: 76 Soldier
  8. Tulum Sombra
  9. Tre Kronor Torbjörn
  10. Sprinter and Track and Field Tracer
  11. Tricolore Widowmaker

Halloween Terror Skins

The Halloween event was celebrated two years as for today and it brought different skins, sometimes downgrading the previous ones to a rare quality. You can take Ana, she has the Ghoul skin, but this year she got the Corsair skin, featuring a nice pirate outfit!

Halloween’s skins have a “costume-like” feeling as if the heroes are going trick or treating. Bastion Tombstone features a darker view of this friendly hero with a Crow as a companion. The remaining skins include these:

  1. Demon Hanzo
  2. Junkenstein Junkrat
  3. Van Helsing McCree
  4. Jiangshi Mei
  5. Mercy Witch
  6. Possessed Pharah
  7. Dracula Reaper and Pumpkin Reaper
  8. Coldhardt Reinhardt
  9. Junkenstein’s Monster Roadhog
  10. Immortal Soldier: 76
  11. Symmetra Vampire and Symmetra Dragon
  12. Viking Torbjörn
  13. Totally 80’s Zarya
  14. Cultist Zenyatta and Skullyatta

Winter Wonderland Skins

It’s not a surprise that this event is about winter and Christmas, a joyful festivity full of gifts and snow. Our dear heroes seem to be a little bit away from their duties to become cheerful characters (not all of them, though, Shiver Reaper looks scarier than anything else).

From the silly looks of the Nutcracker Zenyatta to a fearful Yeti Winston we get to see many costumes:

  1. Scrooge McCree (referencing Ebenezer from “A Christmas Carol”)
  2. Mei-rry Mei
  3. Frostbite Pharah
  4. Rudolph Roadhog
  5. Peppermint Sombra
  6. Santaclad Torbjörn
  7. Frosted Zarya
  8. Jingle Tracer (who looks like a Santa’s helper)

Uprising Skins

In my humble opinion, this is one of the best events Overwatch could ever offer to us.

Overwatch Anniversary Skins

From May 23rd to June 12th, players had the opportunity to gain 11 special skins to commemorate the first anniversary of Overwatch:

  1. Sentai
  2. Dune Buggy Bastion
  3. Cruiser Dva
  4. Cyberninja Hanzo
  5. Jazzy Lucio
  6. Beekeper Mei
  7. Bedouin Pharah
  8. Cyborg: 76
  9. Oasis Symmetra
  10. Graffiti Tracer
  11. Cyberian Zarya

Overwatch: Origins Edition or Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition Skins?

  1. Overgrown Bastion
  2. Security Chief Pharah
  3. Blackwatch Reyes
  4. Strike Commander Morrison
  5. Slipstream Tracer

Additional Skins

  • Blizzcon 2016 Bastion (with the purchase of the Blizzcon virtual ticket).
  • Blizzcon 2017 Winston (with the purchase of the Blizzcon virtual ticket).
  • Noire Widowmaker (unlocked by pre-purchasing the game).

Upcoming Skins

In the Blizzcon 2017, Overwatch announced that they will be releasing more skins with the new map Blizzard World. The skins include concepts based on Blizzard games like:

  • Diablo: Barbarian Zarya and Butcher Roadhog from the barbarian female playable character and the boss The Butcher.
  • World of Warcraft: Blackhand Doomfist and Magni Bronzebeard Torbjörn from the villain Blackhand and Magni Bronzebeard, the Lord of Ironforge.
  • Starcraft II: Nova Widowmaker and Immortal Orisa from literally Nova and a Orisa resembling a Protoss unit.
  • Overwatch: Ecopoint Mei and Crusader Reinhardt from the animated shorts Rise and Shine and Honor and Glory (respectively).

The skins will be available without being attached to any seasonal event; this means they can be unlocked during all year by adding them to the loot box.

Stay alert and get all the loot boxes!

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