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Yes, even Jeff Kaplan admitted that he once never thought that the Overwatch Deathmatch Mode would make it to the game. At the time, the developers were focusing on team-based gameplay instead of players going alone for their agendas. However, they’ve changed their mind and decided to add it in an incoming update.

Deathmatch is a race to get a certain amount of kills (20 for a free-for-all, and 30 for a team deathmatch). It’s a tense, action-packed mode that’s almost a staple of first-person shooter (FPS) games. Some maps are taken out, and a new one is in the mix.

Explore Chateau Guillard

You’ll realize that the manor on the map is by Amelie Lacroix, also known as Widowmaker. Before marrying Gerard Lacroix, she was Amelie Guillard, and Chateau Guillard was her former home. Now, it’s being used by Widowmaker as a hideout, plus, there are various hints to what’s going on with her.

The map has areas that certain characters, such as open areas for Pharah, to fly in and narrow corridors for Reaper to close in on his prey. There are jump pads scattered, so be sure to take advantage of those things. While the game mode is still in its testing phase, there are certain things some players have discovered.

Balance Issues

With the total advantage of characters in the deathmatch mode, support characters like Mercy aren’t a good fit. Then again, it’s a good training ground for playing Hanzo or Widowmaker since there are no teammates to complain about how bad of a Hanzo player you are. At any rate, there’s more McCrees, Pharahs, Genjis, and perhaps a smattering of tanks in the lineup of this mode.

As for team deathmatch, according to the developer notes, Mercy’s ult can take away points from the other team. However, the mode enables a faster respawn time by skipping the kill cam, which gives the player a smaller window of opportunity to use the skill.

Kill Stealing

The kill is awarded to the player who does the blow, not the one who does the most damage. There might be times when you’re fighting an enemy, and then someone else swoops down and kills them, and you. To prevent that from happening, you can find a weak enemy, but someone else could snipe them before you could shoot. Yes, that’s annoying and frustrating, especially if the enemy was a tank you’ve been slowly weakening.

What makes deathmatch unique is that the mode is unpredictable. Nobody knows what’s going to happen! The leader can become last, and the person at the end of the line can become the head of the pack. It makes every round unique, which creates an atmosphere of tension and a spirit of competitiveness.

Other Things to Know About Deathmatch

The Overwatch Deathmatch Mode is expected to release when the testing phase is over. Since it’s in Arcade game mode, you’ll only need to be in the top four out of eight players to count a win for achieving Loot Boxes. Deathmatch will take advantage of the Game Browser feature for deathmatches with custom rules, including everyone using McCree or Hanzo. There could be matches where everybody just uses support or tanks. Based on the results of the testing, some mechanics might get tweaked like deathmatch specific kits for support characters to increase their feasibility for this mode.

PC players can enjoy the testing period, while those on consoles have to wait for a few weeks. When deathmatch comes out for PS4 and Xbox One, gamers can play in Arcade mode and Game Browser. It could be a warm up before playing competitive or a cool down from grinding. Also, it’s the ideal mode for those who like going solo or need to vent out some steam from bad teammates. Whether playing the mode for fun, warm up, or to move up the ranks, remember to have fun. After all, it’s just a game.

See you guys on the next update! Stay locked and loaded.

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