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New Madden NFL 18 Story Mode (Longshot) and the Frostbite Engine

Madden NFL 18 Story Mode
By | August 15th, 2017 | Categories: E-Sports

If you’re a fan or person who appreciates American football fan, then you must be excited for the NFL season and Madden NFL 18 News. In fact, the game launches on August 25 for the PS4 and Xbox One. If you have one of the mentioned consoles, then you’ll probably get a copy since Madden football is a tradition on a yearly basis. The Madden NFL 18 Story Mode, the Frostbite engine, and the three play modes are something to be excited about.

Frostbitten At Last

The Frostbite Engine has become the engine of choice for Electronic Arts (EA). Designed by EA, the engine possess high photorealism, making the visuals of Madden 18, the first ever Madden game to utilize the engine, a big jump compared to previous versions. The game is the most impressive when viewed in 4K. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X players will be getting the most bang for their buck.

Amateur Storytelling

Another first for the Madden series is the “Story Mode” (Longshot). It’s reminiscent to FIFA 18’s “The Journey:” the whole “underdog working his way to the top” theme to the meaningful and emotionally charged title. Also, the game has the fictional budding sports hero that you’ll help guide on the path to greatness. For “Longshot,” it’s Devin Wade, a quarterback prospect who’s striving to make it to the NFL. As a bonus, Devin Wade can be unlocked for MUT by playing “Longshot.” The version that you’ll get depends on the endings you’ll have.

Ironically, the game mode concentrates on college and high school football. The goal is to get to the NFL, not to play for them. While other players might get disappointed in the storyline’s dead end, the well-written story and the way it will tug on heartstrings will make up for the unconventional ending. The game mode will have multiple endings, and not all of them are sunshine and rainbows. Getting to the NFL isn’t a guarantee, so play your cards right. Besides, if you want to get all the endings, you’ll have to play “Longshot” repetitively.

The 3 Play Modes

Madden NFL 18 gives players more methods, which allows them to play the game in three ways:

  1. Arcade: an open mode focusing on scoring the highest and winning. The mode is less realistic compared to the other two (Simulation and Competition), and it doesn’t give players as many penalties.
  2. Simulation: the closest players can get to an NFL match, complete with the league’s rules and regulations. Yes, there’s no leeway for players since the game is strict with real-life refereeing.
  3. Competitive: players go head to head with one another. It’s not going to be as easy and casual as Arcade. After all, these are real players we’re talking about, so expect them to play exceptionally.

Madden never looked this good, and the Frostbite engine is the icing on the cake. Grabbing a copy of this game is a must. You don’t have to wait for long since the game releases August 25th. Get ready to play the field!

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