November Curse Trials PUBG Tournament Crowns the French Squad *aAa* Gaming

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In the volatile and rapidly evolving ecosystem of PUBG Esports, ongoing community events and tournaments play a critical role in raising the bar of competition. The November Curse Trials marks the fourth monthly community event bringing together established PUBG Twitch stars and qualified challengers. The three days was a first person squad showdown. Here’s exactly how all the action unfolded in the PUBG Tournament.

November Curse Trials Qualifiers

Group A: saw FlyQuest, Cloud9, Loot Goblins and Team Kinguin Qualify for finals. FlyQuest placed first primarily through consistent high placements in all 3 games, albeit without a single win. Cloud9 finished second largely due to getting eliminated early into the third game, but two second placements and a bunch of kills in the first two games scored them a bunch of points.

Loot Goblins placed third in the first game, and won the second game. However, the slip-up in the third game, in a combination with less overall kills, placed them firmly behind Cloud9 in the third spot. Last but not least, Team Kinguin had a bad start in the first game, but compensated by winning the third, placing fourth overall.

Group B: finished with Team SoloMid, *aAa* Gaming, Gorilla Core and Theatre of Mayhem advancing to the finals. TSM relied heavily on high placements, going for kills only when absolutely necessary. *aAa* went bonkers in the second game, winning it with 11 kills combined, but having slightly worse placements overall compared to TSM.

Gorilla Core joined the bunch with consistent top placements in all 3 games, with 13 kills in the third game amounting to much of their total points. Theatre of Mayhem had an insane opening, winning the first game with 11 kills, but fading a bit in subsequent games.

Group C: pushed Totality, slayEM, Tempo Storm and Purdys into the finals spotlight. It was a mix of top placements and high killcounts for all teams pretty much. slayEM definitely excelled with 11 kills in the first and 13 kills in the second game, which they also won. This immediately spurred controversy and drama, with a slew of cheating accusations. Totality placed first overall though, with the most consistent performance across all three games.

Tempo Storm, a notable organisation, placed second in the first two games. They would’ve probably placed higher if they didn’t mess up the third game by getting eliminated very early on. Purdys played very well too, working up their way from the middle of the pack in the first game (8th), to almost winning the third game. Their overall killcount was rather low though.

Group D: got absolutely dominated by PENTA Sports. Placing first, second and third respectively, they accumulated a total of 28 kills, more than any other team. They also accumulated the highest amount of total points across all groups – 326!

211 followed in the second place with a humble score of 238. Ghost Gaming, a well-known organisation, won the third game and came in second in the first, but their 11th placement in the second game pushed them back to third spot overall. Last to join the fray in the finals were Evil Geniuses, a name well-known in the Esports circles.

November Curse Trials Finals

Watching PENTA mowing everyone in Group D would make you think they’d be a force to reckon with in the finals, but they only placed 10th. Their killing oriented play style simply didn’t work against another top teams, so they had to settle somewhere in the middle of the pack.

In the Bo5 format, placing consistently somewhere around the top mattered more than killing for sure. This didn’t stop the November Curse Trials winners *aAa* from going on an absolute tear in the second game for example, which they won after slaying 15 players. Runners-up Cloud9 went on a killing spree before winning the first game too. Still, killing is only part of the equation, which is why PENTA got pushed back into the middle of the standings.

The controversy around slayEM’s suspicious performance and stats ultimately got them disqualified for cheating. They got replaced by a #5 team from their group, ZoekteenNaam. The replacement team took this chance and placed third, right behind Cloud9.

As a prize for winning the whole tournament, the French prodigy *aAa* Gaming received four PlayerUnknown’s Bandanas and their name “carved” into the Curse Twitch channel Hall of Fame. It’s certainly great seeing lesser known teams and organisations winning these high-end tournaments. Hopefully, we’ll see more of *aAa*’s amazing performances next month too!

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  1. Bombinou November 15, 2017 at 5:47 pm - Reply

    aAa is gonna play IEM Oakland on november 18-19. gogo crush those noobricans

  2. Bombinou November 15, 2017 at 5:32 pm - Reply

    gg aAa ! vous envoyez du rêve =)

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