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Overwatch Review

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By | May 30th, 2016 | Categories: E-Sports

Blizzard has already made their foray into almost every genre. And mind you, they’re not just a jack of all trades, but masters of each. Warcraft and Starcraft, two of the best real-time strategy games ever. World of Warcraft, one of the benchmarks of MMO excellence. Diablo, world-renowned top-down hack-and-slash RPG goodness. Heroes of the Storm, the company’s take on the MOBA genre that gets more popular every minute. Now, with Overwatch, this AAA juggernaut is poised to establish a name in the FPS genre as well, and it seems like they’re going to succeed. Here comes the Overwatch Review by the experts.

Like any Blizzard game, Overwatch has been causing a lot of hype from announcement to release. And now that the day of its servers’ official opening has finally come, early reviews have been pouring in, and they have been overwhelmingly positive, so it’s safe to say that all the excitement Blizzard has been building up for this game is well-founded, as they were able to create an awesome, exciting, and refreshing FPS-MOBA hybrid experience. Yes, you read that right: Overwatch is a mix of the two genres, with it being chiefly the former with a lot of elements borrowed from the latter.

Who’s the hero?

Most evident of that fact would be the hero aspect of the game, which is also its selling point, as players choose among the 21-strong roster. Each of these heroes have a role to play: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. And even though they are limited by those four roles, they all have their own way of fulfilling them because of their highly diverse set of skills, making no two attackers, defenders, supports, and tanks similar in play style. These great differences create wide variations in hero-to-hero synchrony and team composition, in turn creating a rich metagame, and ultimately a lot of replayability. And if that’s not enough variety, then the twelve maps, with each having a different objective for victory, gives the game even more content.

However, for a lot of players, that is still not enough content. While the game in itself already has a lot to offer despite being fresh from release, and therefore hasn’t had updates yet, a lot of players assumed to get even more, especially because it follows a buy-to-play model. Thankfully, Blizzard has promised to give the game a lot of updates and therefore new content in the future to keep the game alive and as dynamic as ever, just like what it always does with many of its other games.

Overwatch Review – to conclude:

Last but definitely not least, whatever players may say about its content, they will all agree on one thing: the experience is a solid one. The heroes – their skills and weapons – the environments, and all that action feel so hyperreal and high-octane that players are bound to enjoy and appreciate every bit of fun the game has. Since the game is still in its very early stages, things are hopefully going to get better.

Even though Overwatch is an entirely new franchise of a long-time and big-time gaming studio, in a genre it’s never got his hands on before, and despite being only a few days old, it’s already shaping up to be one of the greatest shooters ever. So, if you’re a Blizzard fan, shooter fan, MOBA fan, or have no preferred genre, then you should give Overwatch a shot.

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