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November Esports: Overwatch World Cup 2017 & Rocket League World Championship

Overwatch World Cup 2017
By | October 31st, 2017 | Categories: E-Sports, Rocket League

November is primed to be the Esports month of 2017. With a slew of emerging Esports games coming up to their seasons’ end, we as viewers will be treated with some top level international Esports talent on full display. Here’s a brief overview of the two upcoming major Esports competitions: Overwatch World Cup 2017 and Rocket League Season 4 World Championship.

Overwatch World Cup 2017 Playoffs

First up are Overwatch World Cup Playoffs, which puts the best 8 national teams of 2017 in a single-elimination bracket at BlizzCon 2017 in Anaheim, California. The action will take place on November 3rd and 4th, with the winner raising the prestigious Overwatch World Cup trophy. The quarterfinals pairs include the following:

  • United Kingdom vs. Sweden
  • Canada vs. Australia
  • China vs. France
  • South Korea vs. USA

The team rosters feature some of the best professional Overwatch players. Many of these names are established professionals signed to Overwatch League rosters. OW League officially begins in January 2018, so drop by the World Cup to see some of them in full force.

United Kingdom

  • ChrisTFer – tank
  • Kruise – offense
  • Smex – flex
  • MikeyA – offense
  • Boombox – support
  • Realzx – support


  • Zebbosai – support
  • TviQ – offense
  • CWoosH – flex
  • Chipshajen – support
  • snillo – TBA
  • Manneten – flex


  • xQc – tank
  • Joemeister – support
  • Surefour – offense
  • Roolf – support
  • Agilities – offense
  • Mangachu – flex


  • kiki – tank
  • rqt – support
  • aetar – offense
  • trill – flex
  • ieatuup – flex
  • gunba – support


  • mg – tank
  • uNdeAD – offense
  • yaoyao – tank
  • Shy – support
  • 5King – support
  • Eileen – offense


  • uNKOE – support
  • aKm – offense
  • winz – support
  • SoOn – offense
  • KnOxXx – tank
  • NiCOgdh – flex

South Korea

  • Mano – tank
  • ZUNBA – flex
  • Saebyeolbe – offense
  • tobi – support
  • ryujehong – support
  • Fl0w3r – offense


  • Rawkus – support
  • Adam – support
  • FCTFCTN – tank
  • JAKE – offense
  • coolmatt69 – flex
  • sinatraa – offense

The prize pool of $72,000 will be equally distributed to all 8 teams, with each team receiving $9,000. This will be further equally split among six players, each going home with a cool $1,500.

South Koreans are definitely the biggest favorites to win the Overwatch World Cup 2017, with a roster full off OGN Overwatch APEX veterans. However, China, Sweden and United States won’t give in easily. Overall, based on the playoffs pairs, South Korea against Sweden looks to be the most likely finals pair at the moment.

Rocket League Season 4 World Championship

Rocket League Season 4 World Championship takes places from November 10th to 12th. The pinnacle of Rocket League Season 4 will take center stage at the MGM National Harbor Theater in the U.S. capital of Washington, DC.

There will be 10 teams in total. Four of the best teams from North America and four from Europe, as well as two the best ranked teams from Oceania will face each other for the largest Rocket League prize pool ever – $400,000.

North America will be represented by their champions Cloud9, runner-ups Ghost, #3 NRG Esports and #4 G2 Esports. Europe sends their own lineup with this year’s EU RLCS champs Gale Force Esports, 2nd placed Method, 3rd place winners Mockit Esports and PSG eSports as #4. Here are the teams’ rosters:


  • Torment
  • SquishyMuffinz
  • Gimmick
  • Napp


  • Klassux
  • Lethamyr
  • Zanejackey
  • Blueze

NRG Esports

  • NRG Fireburner
  • Jacob
  • GarrettG
  • DudeWithTheNose

G2 Esports

  • G2 Kronovi
  • G2 Rizzo
  • JK JKnaps
  • Turtle

Gale Force Esports

  • ViolentPanda
  • Turbopolsa
  • Kaydop
  • Dogu


  • al0t
  • Mognus
  • Metsanauris
  • Sniper

Mockit Esports

  • paschy90
  • Mock-it FreaKii
  • Fairy Peak!
  • PetricK

PSG eSports

  • Ferra
  • Bluey
  • Chausette45 Chausette45
  • Yukeo

Oceania will determine their two representatives at PAX Australia Throwdown Rocket League OCE Championship Finals. It’s a LAN event pitting 4 of their best teams one last time to determine the final two teams to attend the international stage.

At the moment, the tickets are still available, but the supply is running low. If you want to attend the event live, it’s best to get the tickets as soon as possible. The event will be suitable for all ages, with kids under 7 years old having a free pass.

Rocket League has proved beyond doubt that flying acrobatic soccer cars never fail to deliver. It’s a very watchable and intuitive Esports title, even to those that never tried the game. Be sure to tune in, you won’t be sorry!

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