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PUBG Global Loot League Pre-Season Grand Finals Push Team Kinguin into the Spotlight

Global Loot League
By | December 26th, 2017 | Categories: E-Sports, PUBG


After more than a month full of weekly qualifiers, finals and nail-biting Chicken Dinners, the Global Loot League Pre-Season Grand Finals featured the absolute best best of the best. Team Kinguin went on an absolute tear through the ranks, topping even the French PUBG behemoths *aAa* Gaming by more than 100 points.

With Forsen and Simms in the caster roles, the whole livestream experience was quite interesting to watch. The teams duked it out for glory and bragging rights and the production value was on quite a high level for a grassroots PUBG Esports league.

Nevertheless, the Global Loot League Pre-Season possessed all the ingredients of a premier PUBG Esports league, so the Grand Finals were really a treat for all the competitive PUBG fans to enjoy.

7 Games, 18 Teams, but Only 4 Got the Chicken Dinners

You read it right! Out of 18 teams participating in the Grand Finals, only 4 secured the elusive Chicken Dinners.

Team Kinguin won the first and the fourth game with 16 and 11 kills. Ghost Gaming won the second and the sixth, with 16 and 12 kills. Team Random won a round in the third game, with 9 kills. Last, but not least, *aAa* Gaming won the fifth and the final, seventh game, finishing both matches with 9 kills.

These four teams also took the top 4 final placements on the leaderboards, and they were also the top 4 teams with the highest number of kills. This is no coincidence either – these 4 teams had the most consistent placements and kill counts of all teams. This fact makes it all the more impressive, considering how every team had to earn their spot through gruelling qualifiers and weekly finals.

Everybody else (EnVyUs, FlyQuest, Hooligans, Theatre of Mayhem, FaZe Clan, Team Dignitas, HAVU Gaming, BlanQ, Ronin Esports, Gambino, Penta Sports, Team Liquid, Azimut Lobby, Quickmath) had to settle with about half or less total points compared to Team Kinguin.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, the difference in total points between the third (Team Random) and fourth place (Ghost Gaming) was 2 points. In other words, if Ghost Gaming made just 1 more kill, they would finish third. Let that sink in for a moment.

What to Expect in Season 1?

While the Pre-Season was certainly a successful test ride for the team behind Global Loot League, the upcoming Season 1 will see a change in the number of divisions and teams per region.

Instead of 3, there will only be 2 divisions per each region (NA & EU) with 80 teams total. This means a bunch of the teams that participated during the Pres-Season will not make the final cut. It might prove better, as the teams that do make it through will likely be much closer skill-wise.

Qualifiers will be played out from February 2-4, 2018. The league matches will commence on February 14 and end on March 21 next year. The Grand Finals will take place sometime during April. Naturally, this is just the initial set of information, we will surely find out more in the coming days and weeks.

What’s certain is that the next year will surely start with a loud bang!

Any Other PUBG Esports Events to Look Out For?

Sure, PUBG Esports scene keeps booming. Curse Trials, a monthly community event, will take place from December 14-16. It will feature FPP squads fighting for the standard point system and a custom set of rules (no red zone, x2 AR spawns, x1.5 ammo spawns and no skins).

Curse Trials have been drawing a decent interest so far. There’s no reason to expect anything less in a few days, so prepare for another round of clutch plays and high-level PUBG professionalism!

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