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Taking Chances: Fantasy eSports and LoL Live Betting

By | April 10th, 2017 | Categories: E-Sports

Some people have heard from the grapevine that gambling and gaming ruin lives, which is a false exaggeration because not every individual is prone to addiction and bad routines. After all, not everyone who engages in gaming and betting become broke and futureless. In fact, some people have earned money from one or both. So, why not combine the two (gaming and betting) together? Well, that’s happening on various eSports events, with League of Legends ranking high.

LOL eSports Betting: Topping the Charts

eSports betting works the same way as gambling in traditional sports: you go to a betting website, follow the prompt, bet on the team that you’re rooting for (or the one that’s more likely to win), and hope that the team you put your money on wins. Sounds simple, right? No, because in the eSports gambling scene, there are lots of betting sites, and more of them means greater confusion for the bettors, especially the armatures and new comers.

Keep in mind that not all eSports platforms provide the same kind of services. There are fantasy eSports betting sites, which works this way: you create a fantasy team based on real players, which you enter in a fantasy league. The performance of the players in the league depends on the performance of their real-life counterparts (in the case of League of Legends, LoL live matches). It’s a rather popular practice with thousands of participants who bet money (some gamble a chunk) on their favorite LoL top tier players. The most popular fantasy eSports betting site is Draftkings. Besides, they got League of Legends ranking as one of its most popular fantasy sports.

League of Legends eSports Betting: Right on the Money

Draftkings extensive knowledge and experience in fantasy sports is a plus because it means that their handling of fantasy eSports isn’t limited. There is also the more traditional live match betting sites. Bet365, for instance, is well-known and established in fantasy sports. The company provides as many betting opportunities for various sporting and eSports events.

Bet365 and DraftKings have shown that the mainstream has taken an interest in the eSports betting scene, and its ability to be an avenue in gambling even though it’s niche market. However, it makes sense to have things done the other way around. Rather than leaving the eSports betting to sites who cater to traditional sports, gamers can emulate what these portals do to create a more gamer-friendly/oriented network and service. In fact, there’s Unikrn: made by a gamer, and it’s for gamers, specifically, for players who are into LoL live matches.

LoL Top Tier Betting Company: Run By Summoners

How is Unikrn able to be an eSports betting network for gamers? Well, by hiring people that know the ins and outs of LoL, and who have an understanding of how the eSports scene works. Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis, for example, is a former professional League of Legends player who is now Unikrn’s vice president. He’s in a high-ranking administrative position because of his expertise regarding the eSports scene. Also, Ellis understands the ideology of gamers. With a specific mission at its core, and people like “Snoopeh,” (vice president Ellis) running it, Unikrn is proof that a company should understand its clientele, LoL win rates, and the industry in-depth.

Any company that wants to engage in eSports betting should without a doubt follow Unikrn’s footsteps. Many gaming sites are taking Unikrn’s lead, including PlayerAuctions. Other networks still have a long way to go. However, given how the time is right for eSports and the gambling scene to join forces, as either a spectator sport or as an avenue for betting.

The future of eSports betting is lucrative, given how many gamers and bettors are taking notice, it can only get brighter. So, is League of Legends ranking as one of the most unconventional eSports where people can place bets online? You can bet on that!

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