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“Titanium Babies” Dominate “The Golden Chicken” PUBG Tournament

PUBG Tournament
By | October 18th, 2017 | Categories: E-Sports, PUBG

Uproar’s “The Golden Chicken” PUBG Tournament provided a much needed comedic relief in a sea of smaller competitions and invitationals that take themselves too seriously. Some of the most notable names to take part were Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, UFC reigning flyweight champion and a Twitch streamer. Then, there was The African Rebel, a funny alter ego of a well-known YouTuber. StoneMountain64 also took part, and there were some notable professional esports names, such as Weak3n and Alexich.

The showdown consisted of 3 squad games for streamers and 1 solo first person game for viewers. The prize was a real 10 karat golden chicken. The casters for streamer games were CrReam & PappaBoogie, while The African Rebel joined the desk and made things fun in the viewers game.

First Game Won By Randoms

First match had a rather slow start, as streamers squads were careful not to die early. The African Rebel himself got disconnected at the beginning of the match, forcing Demetrious “The Mighty Mouse” Johson’s squad to play with a deficit for the entire duration of the match.

The initial circle was in the northwest with Georgopol somewhere in the middle of it. With plenty of compounds and cover to hide behind, a good portion of squads went the familiar camping route. The circle started shrinking towards the Hospital area, ultimately ending in a completely open and exposed area. 7 survivors had a final standoff in the end, with one full squad annihilating a lone player from one and 2 players from another squad. In fact, that squad turned out to be a mix of complete randoms that played with each other for the first time. They got 14 kills combined, so their teamplay was definitely competitive against other, more familiar squads.

Second Game Won by Team Method’s “Titanium Babies”

The initial circle in the second game was again in the northern part of the map around Shooting Range and Severny. Lots of players got down south, so a few sporadic fights popped up but nothing major.

The shrinking circle was soon moving south of Shooting Range, towards the forestry area. A majority of players managed to live well into the game, so once the circle got small enough, all hell broke loose. In a matter of minutes, the number of players dwindled down to around 25. There were many squads with just 1 or 2 surviving players, so a few full squads wreaked havoc. The last team to live were “Titanium Babies” with 17 kills combined, consisting mostly of Team Method players.

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Third Game – “Titanium Babies” Hit Again!

The third game finally transitioned toward south, with the circle surrounding Sosnovka Island. A lot of players got caught all the way north, waiting for too long to get moving. As the circle was shrinking, the action slowly moved all the way to the south shore of the island.

Mighty Mouse and The African Rebel ended their run with 0 kills total, while StoneMountain64 managed to get well into the late game, coming up short against better organized squads in the end. Team Method “Titanium Babies” won again in the end, fully exploiting smoke grenades to conceal their positions in an open area inside the circle, as well as dispatch enemy players with the element of surprise.

Viewer Game

Yes, it was one of the funniest matches in a while, with The African Rebel taking up the role of a caster while fully staying in character. His hilariously offensive and disturbing statements about eating small babies and feasting on human flesh were the highlight reel on their own.

The game itself saw around 100 players parachute down across the entire map, so there wasn’t that much killing going on. Only a few players went to school, which is otherwise almost always heavily contested in public games.

The first circle was towards the southwest edge of the map. Quite a few players on the northeast part of the map took a chunk of time moving towards the safe zone, resulting in a couple of deaths inside the gas. The final safe zone circle was in the semi-open area, with a few trees and rocks to take cover. A few familiar players from the previous three games were among the last survivors, raising the stakes significantly. In the end, the player under the moniker of “IronWeasel” made the last kill, emerging as the winner with 6 kills total.

Wrapping Things Up

Overall, Uproar’s “The Golden Chicken” was an entertaining invitational tournament that exposed the wide skill gap between your regular PUBG players/streamers and guys that compete professionally.

Despite the fact that a squad of skilled randoms who never played with each other won the first game, Team Method’s “Titanium Babies” made it clear that organized squads with many hours of teamplay practice beats raw skill most of the time. In the future, we’ll hopefully have someone colorful like The African Rebel as one of the casters again. He really made the whole experience of watching the tournament much more engaging.

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