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It Went Down: PUBG Invitational at Gamescom

PUBG Invitational
By | September 1st, 2017 | Categories: E-Sports, PUBG

For those unaware, Bluehole and ESL just came back from hosting another PUBG Invitational this past weekend at Gamescom with multiple teams rolling in for squads, duos, and solos. Why? Well, for their chance at their cut of the $350,000 prize pool and the glory of lifting the golden pans. Even though they ran into multiple technical issues and delays, there was still some intense competition and great gameplay by all teams.

Bring on the Competition

The competition started off with the TPP (third person perspective) solo matches. The top 3 placements were from Evermore (Team 4entro), BreaK (TSM), and Hayz (Team Liquid). There was no shortage of intense strategy and gameplay ranging from BreaK and his 11 kill rounds to Evermore and his clutch healing from outside the zone to secure victory. The TPP solo standings are shown below:

  • 1st – Evermore (Team 4entro)
  • 2nd – BreaK (TSM)
  • 3rd – Hayz (Team Liquid)

The Duo

Next up was the TPP Duos, which was the first event that included teams from the open qualifiers. After some intense gameplay from all the teams, the series ended with a strong 2nd place tie breaker between Cloud 9 and Team Bosphorus, with Cloud 9 eventually coming out on top. Here are the rankings:

  • 1st – THZ & Yukie (Suisse my Baguette)
  • 2nd – Sweaterr & Borg (Cloud 9)
  • 3rd – Ferit & Mithrainn (Team Bosphorus)

FPP: Let’s Get it On

FPP (first person perspective) was next up on the check list. The teams didn’t disappoint! In fact, Cloud 9 got 1st place, alongside was a clutch performance from player “4ndypyro,” securing 9 kills in game 3 to catapult his duo to third place. The winners include the following:

  • 1st – Chappie & SOLIDFPS (Cloud 9)
  • 2nd – Avnqr & Pnoyrider (Copenhagen Flames)
  • 3rd – Forsen & 4ndypyro (Team Never Lucky)

Bring Out the Squad

The TPP squad event that went into game three with the top 2 teams (Luminosity and Tier 3 Gaming), was only a few points away from one another. With every team (minus one) surviving until the fourth circle, it was a spectacle for the world to see. As the numbers dropped and the teams started slowly disappearing, the nerves rose as the engagements got more intense. Every players training came down to the last few circles. Every team put up a battle out of this world. Within the final moments, we finally had our victors of team Luminosity coming out on top to take home the golden frying pans and $80,000. The event concluded as followed:

  • 1stLuminosity
  • 2nd – Tier 3 Gaming
  • 3rd – Noble

If you want to see how some things went down, feel free to stream these videos on Twitch:

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