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ESO Addons
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Addons enrich and make some in-game aspects more convenient. ESO, in particular, has a sparse and minimal UI to keep screen clutter down. In turn, that lets players appreciate the environments and graphics more. While that’s all well and good, it led to some inevitable inconveniences. Good thing some kind players have taken up their keyboards to remedy the situation. Thus, hundreds of ESO addons were created!

Here, we’ll list the most recommended ones as well as a tool to manage all of them.

What are the most recommended map and location ESO addons?

  • QuestMap: QuestMap reveals the locations of every quest in the game. It also makes managing quests easier than when using the game’s native resources.
  • Destinations: Destinations is an addon that marks every point of interest on your map. You’ll be able to see where dungeons, crafting locations, and group events are. You won’t ever get lost with this addon!
  • Skyshards: Skyshards show you where to find the titular objects. It’s important. For every three collected shards, you get one skill point. It lets you hunt them down without having to wander everywhere.
  • LoreBooks: For any collector or completionist, LoreBooks will help you collect all the books in the game. It marks the locations on your map, while also providing a guide to what kind of books there are.
  • Dungeon Tracker: The Dungeon Tracker lists all the dungeons in the game. You’ll have to discover the dungeons first before it shows any information about it though.
  • Lost Treasure: You can find all the survey and treasure map locations with this ESO addon. If you don’t have a minimap addon yet, it has that function, so you can refer to it as you travel.
  • HarvestMap: Harvest Map is a handy tool to locate resource nodes to collect. It shows fishing spots and chests as well. There’s even a Heatmap feature to see the density of resources. This addon is a must-have for any crafter.

How about combat-related ESO addons?

  • PvpMeter: It keeps track of your PvP (mis)adventures, from stats to matches. It even has separate pages for different PvP activities.
  • Combat Metrics: With this ESO addon, you can keep track of your DPS, damage taken (and where it came from), buffs, and debuffs. It’s an essential tool for any hardcore player looking to improve builds.

What ESO addons are there for quality of life?

  • Inventory Grid View: See more of your inventory with this addon! Lists aren’t all that conducive to finding things quickly, especially if you’ve collected hundreds of items.
  • Votan’s Rune Tooltips: You’ll never have to guess what a rune does if you use this tool. It reveals the resulting glyph when used to enchant an item.
  • Urich’s Skill Point Finder: Earning all the skill points has never been easier. Urich’s Skill Point Finder lists all the possible sources of skill points and keeps track of what you’ve earned and not.
  • Bag Space Indicator: Bag Space Indicator is a small, customizable addon that shows information about your inventory. You can choose for it to show your Alliance Points, gold, bag space, Soul Gems, some timers, research, level, and experience.
  • Votan’s Achievements Overview: It lets you pick achievements to track, putting them in an easy-to-reach page. See your progress on your set goals without having to scroll through other achievements.
  • FCM Quest Tracker: Keep track of your quests, the way you want. This is probably the most customizable quest tracker addon. You can even set it to show on your interface, and it won’t obstruct your view in any way.
  • Master Merchant: Make your shopping more convenient and budget-friendly! Master Merchant lets you find good deals and improves other trade-related stuff.
  • Awesome Guild Store: Change the interface for guild stores to make it more user-friendly. You’ll be able to filter categories and subcategories and even have sliders for price, level, and quality.
  • Craftstore DB: Called the most important crafting addon, it keeps track of all your recipes (known and unknown) and has a list of all furniture and crafted items.

Bonus: Minion Addon Manager Application

Minion lets you keep track of your addons. Other than giving you a way to quickly search for more, it also lets you back up your current ones if you’re transferring devices.


Try out these ESO addons to make your adventures throughout Tamriel more fun. But be warned! Too many active addons can adversely impact your PC’s ability to run the game. Download and use only what you need.

That said, enjoy ESO!

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