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Fight to the Death with the Best Fortnite Kills

Best Fortnite Kills
By | April 4th, 2019 | Categories: Fortnite

Fortnite is all about a fight to the death, so obviously we’re going to have a variety of elimination types: some will be great and others will be lackluster. For every hilarious finish, you’ll get a hundred dull deaths. Today, I’m going to take you through the Best Fortnite Kills. Just sit back and relax, because you’re going to get a front row seat into the wonderful, hilarious world of Fortnite kills!

What kind of kills are we talking about?

You might read that first intro and immediately have questions. What kind of kills, you migh ask? Have no fear. Here’s the rule: the only kills that we’re gong to have included here is something that happens to your everyday player. Yes, I know. There may be a streamer who can dive in and get a headshot no scope with a Pistol from three thousand yards out. No, that isn’t going to make the list because of the simple fact that your ordinary gamer will probably never do that. Obviously, a lot of this is somewhat subjective, but I picked the kinds based on the things that I’ve heard, seen, and personally experienced.  Good? Good! Onwards!

Have you One-Shotted someone?

This is the most beautiful sensation in Fortnite. That sweet, precious moment where you come across someone and finish them in a single shot is as hard as it is delightful. Since shotguns are endlessly getting nerfed and buffed, this can become more or less unusual. If you’re going for this, try to use something with a lot of damage output (obviously). Other than that, I’d just aim for the head.

How about Boom, Boom, Boom!?

Explosive kills are some of the most fun, hands down. The sheer, overwhelming chaos from grenades, rockets, and so forth is amazing to behold from afar, horrible to experience from the business end, and hilarious to dish out. The key word here is “spam.” Fire away wildly! Get lucky! Use skill! If you’re going for this, make sure that you don’t accidentally murder yourself.

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What about Snipers?

You knew. You knew the exact moment that you saw the title of this article that there would be a part about sniping, and that’s because sniper kills give you so much satisfaction. This doesn’t quite qualify as one-shotting, although technically it does, because it’s wildly different. There’s that moment between pulling the trigger, the split second where the bullet soars through the air, and then that wonderful “dink” for the headshot. Yes, dear reader, this deserves its own spot.

You see these Skills?

There have been times that I’ve beaten a better player. I’m not proud. I’m not going to stand up here and pretend that I’m the greatest player of all time. There have been plenty of times where I’ve run across some sweaties that absolutely blew my mind (and then promptly eliminated me from the game). I could blame lag. I could swear that I shot first. I could do all that stuff, but the fact remained that they killed me fair and square. I bet you’ve had similar situations. Killing that better player when you know dang well you should have lost is one of the all-time best kills.

How about finishing the fight?

In those battles that seem to last forever, especially in build battles, it can be exhilarating to finally get the last laugh. Nothing is more intense than when you’re speed-building like a crazed lunatic and you pop out of nowhere and boom! Shotgun to the face to your enemy, and you come out on top. Maybe you dance. Maybe you just sit there in stunned relief. Maybe you shield up. Whatever you do, whatever your mode of celebration, you and I both know that silent, potent feeling of relief and childish delight.

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What about just winning?

I’m sorry. This had to happen. I know it may not fit in with the vibe of the other types of kills, but this one simply needs to be included. If you win, you’re happy (I mean, probably). When I win, I couldn’t care less how I do it. If I do the deed with a pistol, a shotgun, an SMG, a sniper, etc, I’m just happy to come out with the dub. Buttttt…. That winning kill is the sweetest of them all.

Was that on purpose?

I’ve won hundreds of games. I’ve watched other people win hundreds and hundreds of games. I’ve seen thousands of players get eliminated. I am here to tell you that the actual best, funniest, most enjoyable type of kill in this game is to watch someone else screw up and die at their own hand by complete accident. As far as subsets, here are the top ways that it goes down: via explosions, via poor editing skills (I’ve seen plenty a person plummet through a structure they made), via fall damage, and via running into the storm because they got confused.

Et Tu, Brute?

Whenever you’re in a fight and the other player whips out the exact same weapon that you’re wielding, it gets serious. That means that nobody can say it was because they had a better gun. It’s based entirely on skill, tactical planning, and a dash of luck tossed in for good measure. If you win that fight, where it’s a one v. one with the same loadout, you’re going to feel like a million bucks and for good reason.

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Was that Luck?

Luck shots. You’ve done it. You’ve had it done to you. You’ve raged about hackers and that there was no way that they could’ve known you were coming around that wall. You’re right. People get crazy lucky sometimes. For the final kill type, we’re going to hit up Ole’ Lady Luck with the 360 degree no-scope to the face. Because you really don’t expect that it’ll hit, you go from expecting nothing to getting everything, and that’s why luck shots deserve a spot.


In conclusion, this has been the Best Fortnite Kills. We went over the best ways to eliminate opponents in Fortnite, including luck shots, sniper shots, explosions, and more! I’m sure that there are more, but here are some of the generally accepted best kinds of kills. If you feel so inclined, drop your best types in the comments below.

Until next time, get out there and have some fun!

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