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When we’re playing Fortnite, getting the highest rarity weapons doesn’t always mean it’s the best we can get. Let me explain this with a nice example: if we have to choose between a legendary semi-automatic sniper (golden) and a rare bolt-action sniper (blue), in any situation the latter one will be better against the semi-automatic because if you happen to strike a headshot, it will be a certain kill. Whilst using the semi-auto will require you to strike at least two shots. So, how can we know the Best Weapons in Fortnite?

Given that we only have five slots to take both weapons and healing stuff, we have to choose wisely! If we really want to pick the best weapons in Fortnite to play like a pro, we need to think ahead of us. Don’t just pick a weapon because it’s golden shiny! Sometimes you’ll get more kills with a normal quality weapon.

Top Weapons

The best thing to do is to have a kit with variety, depending on your likes, of course. In my opinion, it’s best to have the following in your loadout (or inventory).

  1. A mid-range combat weapon: an M16 Assault Rifle or Assault Rifle (burst), the better the rarity the better the quality.
  2. A close-range combat weapon: a shotgun or tactical submachine gun (and I still prefer shotguns).
  3. A long-range combat weapon: a bolt-action sniper (AWP) would be great but if that’s missing you can still go with a hunting rifle.
  4. Explosive weapon: a perfect fit for this slot would be a rocket launcher or a grenade launcher.
  5. Healing items: heal or shield yourself!

Below I’m going to talk about the best weapon you can have in each of the above categories. A weapon can be better than another when it comes to different situations.

Mid-Range Combat: Assault Rifles

  1. In the first place, we have the Assault Rifle SCAR (Special Operation Forces Combat Assault Rifle); it’s a very accurate rifle with a great damage. It would be the best rifle in any situation.
  2. The second best is the Burst Assault Rifle; this, if you manage to find it in blue rarity, can be deadly! I would say it’s even stronger than the rifle M16 in blue rarity. This is because, in mid-range, we generally have enough time to cover ourselves and, when trying to take a peek, we can shoot three bullets in a second while the enemy can shoot only one bullet at the same time if he has an M16 rifle.
  3. The last place is awarded to the Assault Rifle with Scope. It has low damage and it’s only useful if you can strike headshots and it’s completely useless when it comes to close range combat, which makes this weapon one of the worst options.

Close-Range Combat

Pump Action Shotguns vs. Tactical Shotguns vs. SMGs vs. Hand Cannons

This is a close fight, the four weapons are really good and you can choose whichever one you prefer, one that makes you feel comfortable.

If you have nice aiming skills and you’re good doing flick shots, you could shoot delicious headshots on short distances easily with the help of a Pump Action Shotgun or a Hand Cannon. However, if you’re the type of guy who’s bad at flicking but has a perfect tracking, then a Tactical Shotgun or the SMG could be better for you.

Long-Range Combat: Snipers

  1. The first place is the Bolt Action Sniper. Without a doubt, the best long range weapon in the game thanks to its lethality.
  2. Second place is for the hunting rifle, which is better than the Bolt Action in mid-range combat thanks to its fire rate and reload time, and you also take less time when doing a scope. Nevertheless, it’s not even close to the Bolt Action Sniper on long distances such as 150 meters(490 feet).
  3. The last place goes to the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle. This one is thrash, friends. Its damage is 66 if the rifle is legendary, which means you have to accurately shoot and hit 4 times to kill the enemy. The first shot will reveal your position and the target will get harder to hit. Even more, the headshots can only go as far as 160 damage which means you will never achieve “one shot, one kill” with this weapon.

Explosive Weapons

  1. The Rocket Launcher is a weapon that you can use to destroy buildings at any distance or just to destroy enemies at close range.
  2. The Grenade Launcher could even be better than the Rocket Launcher if you learn to use it until perfection. There is always a distance and altitude in which you can explode your enemies’ heads, even if they are on the floor or high in a fortress. You can achieve this by practicing.

Other Weapons

Crossbows: they suck. The arrow has a relatively slow speed and it goes down faster than the sniper bullets, making it impossible to use in long-range and hard to use in mid-range. If you use it at close range you’ll most likely die. Their usefulness can be achieved by a really skilled player but it’s not useful enough to be amongst “the best.”

Minigun: this is a weapon that is not good when you’re going solo because you’re an awfully easy target to your enemies when you’re using it. However, in a squad, the minigun is a nice resource to have, and you can use it to destroy fortresses at the same time your team covers you.

Pistol and Revolver: I only recommend to pick these in the early game when you don’t have any other option. Otherwise, these are not worthy of your love.

Suppressed Pistol: this weapon can be powerful given that each headshot deals between 66 and 70 damage. Its fire rate it’s considerably high and with good aiming, it can be lethal both in close and mid-range. It can be useful because no one can know your position and you can do nice damage before being discovered.


The best weapons to have in Fortnite are the Legendary SCAR, the Epic Tactical Shotgun, the Legendary Rocket Launcher, the Legendary Bolt Action Sniper (AWP) and your preferred healing item.

Overall, the way to measure the effectiveness of the weapon relies on its utility, flexibility, and damage. And the only way to find the best weapon for you is to use them all and experiment a bit.

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