Fortnite Season 10: The Biggest Season Ever?

Biggest Fortnite Season Ever
By | July 29th, 2019 | Categories: Fortnite

Time travel, Save the World going free-to-play, old locations returning, and a player versus monster mode: these are but some of the expectations of the Fortnite community heading into Season 10. All eyes are naturally on Epic Games as they prepare for the tenth Season of Fortnite Battle Royale, a milestone that is expected to deliver what could be the greatest update the game has had.

The start date for Season 10 is slated for August 1st, just a week after the Season 9 Overtime Challenges. Considering the massive success the game has seen in the last nine seasons, the tenth one can’t be anything but grand. Epic has a history of surprising players with events, map changes, and crazy new weapons. They know how to keep it fresh. They also have a history of foreshadowing events, plot points, and even Item Shop releases.

Will Season 10 be The Biggest Fortnite Season Ever? Here are some things we have foreshadowed based on what we have seen up to this point.

Time Travel

Fortnite fans have been expecting some kind of time travel feature to be utilized in the game. Veteran players have been asking for limited time modes involving older versions of the map, whereas people who never got to visit old locations, such as Moisty Mire or Anarchy Acres, wish to experience them at least once. Doing this isn’t going to be a big deal for Epic. In fact, it might even bring back a lot of old players who left the game because of the popular complaint: “it changed too much.”

Fortnite is a dynamic game. While weekly updates keep the game fresh, the same updates also inadvertently take out features that some people might enjoy. A “Season 1 Limited Time Mode” is requested almost every day on the Fortnite subreddit, and Epic knows well enough just how badly people want it.

The Overtime Challenges released this week also support this theory. Notice how the Overtime counterpart of Bunker Jonesy gets older with his grey hair and beard, while the Stratus skin gets a counterpart that is youngerand clean-shaven. If that isn’t enough, the Stratus skin also has the word ‘TIME’ written on his arm gear.

Coincidence? We think not.

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Season 10 Battle Pass Theme

Fortnite has executed several Battle Pass themes up until now, right from astronauts and superheroes to pirates and futuristic humans. A great theme that can be highly successful is one based in the prehistoric era. Considering that we have a giant monster “fossil” lying in the middle of the map, it might be likely that there are more to come.

Still not convinced? Well, there’s more evidence to support this theory. Epic has previously hinted at future events and skins via the ongoing Battle Pass. If you check the current Season 9 Battle Pass, we have an explosion banner at Tier 78 and a trowel banner at Tier 86.

The glowing orb that is floating above Loot Lake also seems to be charging up as if it’s going to explode. Hint: Big bang!

Save the World: Free to Play?

Fortnite’s PvE mode, Save the World, has come a long way over the years. One of the biggest reasons Battle Royale fans have been eyeing it for so long is the number of V-Bucks you can make through Save the World. These V-Bucks are transferable and can be spent in the Battle Royale shop as well. Considering the crazy skins Fortnite keeps coming up with, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Battle Royale fans have been looking forward to the free-to-play release of Save the World.

But the question has always remained: will Epic Games still allow players to earn V-Bucks through Save the World when it goes free? We might have the answer to that.

The recent Fortnite update, Patch 9.40, came with the following changes: “Quests, mission alerts, and daily login rewards will now grant X-Ray Tickets instead of V-Bucks to players who are non-founders. Paid Founders will not be affected by this change.” This notice, coming so close to Season 10, could be a large hint towards Save the World going free-to-play soon.

It only seems fair to the Founders of the game (and you can still be one if you purchase Save the World before it goes free) and is a great decision made on Epic’s part.

New Modes

Epic recently turned Team Rumble into a permanent mode, given its popularity, and how casual and fun the mode is. They have also promised to keep other large team modes in rotation over the end of the week, meaning we have one more slot open for new modes.

A mode that was rumored to make a reappearance in Season 3 was the “Leviathan Mode” where a giant monster would be walking around the map. This may come to fruition if we do go in the prehistoric era. The recent Robot V/S Monster event also showed how well Epic is capable of doing something similar. Can you imagine a 100 players V/S giant monster mode where you have to save the island and work as a team?

Additional Cosmetic Options

We started with plain emotes, and a year later, we got sprays, banners, traversal emotes, contrails all in one battle pass. With Epic always willing to experiment, we could be getting a lot of potential cosmetics. Multiplayer Emotes like Destiny? Mid-air emotes like Apex? The possibilities are endless!

Another thing Fortnite players are fond of is customization. Most of the customizable items sell well because buyers see them as “two skins for the price of one”. The soccer skins, in fact, offered dozens of cosmetic changes for the price of one skin. With Banners being so commonly termed as filler items, Epic can surely be creative with those. We recently saw Banners being used on a back-bling, and even on skins, as customizable options.

One of the most requested changes to the Locker has been a “Loadout” option. Save the World got Loadouts in Season 9 and that worked pretty well for the players. Battle Royale having a similar Loadout option is very likely to happen. Players often wish to use specific combinations of cosmetics and having an option to save such combinations would save a lot of time and effort.

Final Thoughts

A lot of things are expected from Epic as they gear up for Fortnite’s 10th Season. With Borderlands 3 releasing in September, along with massive updates for Destiny 2 and Warframe lining up, Fortnite will have to pull off all the stops and come up with something spectacular to live up to the hype that Season 10 has generated. We know how well Fortnite handles competition, from them offering the Season 8 Battle Pass for free when Apex was on the rise. We can surely see them doing extra special stuff this time around as well.

A new map? Time travel? Old locations returning? Only time will tell. The next seven days can’t quickly enough and we are just as eager as you are. Meanwhile, all we can do is grind through the Overtime Challenges in anticipation for Season 10. Epic will, no doubt, do their best, and Season 10 will surely be The Biggest Fortnite Season Ever!

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