Let the Clan Wars Begin: Fortnite 50v50 Playlist

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It’s no secret how massively popular Fortnite Battle Royale has become over the past year. The developers have constantly added new playlists, weapons, consumables, as well as different elements that keep players engaged and excited. One of these updates brought the notable Fortnite 50v50 playlist, also known as Fortnite Clan Wars.

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Clans Wars

Fortnite 50 v 50 brings an entirely different element to the normal pace of the game. The forts are bigger, the guns fire faster, and the competition is way better. If you stay in larger groups of around 15 or so players, reviving teammates becomes a much easier task and building safe houses also becomes much quicker. So don’t expect every one of your knockdowns to actually turn into full-fledged eliminations. I have personally experienced this near Loot Lake, where I managed to knock over four individuals yet didn’t end up with a single elimination by the end of the encounter.

Another new update to the playlist was the introduction of separate sides where both teams would have to land on different halves of the map via their own teams’ battle bus. Also new to the playlist was the ability to see the final zone right off the bat instead of a larger first safe zone that progressively got smaller. I think this was a definite improvement because you can delve right into the action instead of spending an inordinate amount of time for landing and looting. Also, by having the separate battle buses I mentioned earlier, you can loot to your heart’s content without distractions.

Overall though, the name of the game is to stay not only with the immediate team that you partied up with but also your extended team which is quite literally the other 49 people. By staying in a larger group, you can further protect yourself, get immediate help, and defend yourself from other large groups. The game mode also encourages player cooperation between teammates. In fact, some might say that the mode even promotes people to be less selfish; random teammates can do everything from healing you to gifting you their own weapons.

I would say the most intriguing aspects of the 50 v 50 playlist are the structures that countless teammates construct. With so many players engaged in a war zone type battle, the forts become crazy and sometimes near indestructible! Also, something to be aware of about the playlist is the wanton use of explosives. By the end of the game, almost everything you see goes ka-boom!


The Fortnite 50v50 playlist is a very fun team game that delivers dynamic gameplay as well as action-packed battles. The playlist also supports all around positive play with more emphasis on the team rather than the individual. This, in the end, is something we could all use more of. The playlist has already seen two different improvements since its initial inception. I think it’s safe to that say we can expect bigger and better things from it soon.

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