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Fortnite Building Tips to Become a Better Builder

Fortnite Building Tips
By | May 21st, 2019 | Categories: Fortnite

Chances are, if you’re anything like most people who play Fortnite for the first time, you’re probably utterly bewildered by the building aspect. Sometimes, people come in from other kinds of games and some of the aspects cross over easily. Take shooting, for example. That’s a pretty basic idea that lots of games have, so it isn’t too hard to transfer. Taking cover, using strategy, teamwork, all that jazz is roughly easy to understand, but there’s one thing that trips people up more than anything: the building. It’s weird, mostly unique to Fortnite, and it’s so crucial to success that it ends up being more of a frustration than a tool to a lot of gamers. Fear not! In this Fortnite Building Tips guide, I’ll take you through everything you need to know about how to become a master builder in the game and use your skills to catch a win!

What makes building so hard?

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Let’s be totally honest: building can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out. What in the blazes is it? Why is it so important, and why can you never seem to win build battles? Shake your controller, mouse, or weapon of choice and blame it on the lag. Well, it may be lag, but more than likely, you’re like most people, who struggle to build. I’ve come across god builders. I’ve come across people with nearly 30 kills halfway through the match who could build battle the best of the best and come out on top. That was rare. Most people panic and struggle to keep up.

But why? Why is it so challenging? Here’s why: It’s different. Building isn’t like any other kind of game, for the most part, because it introduces a whole new aspect that you’re probably not used to. You may have been playing shooters for as long as you can remember, but throwing up a wall? Not exactly. It’s fast-paced. I know a lot of people who hate building because it’s so frenzied. If you blink, if you miss one ramp, you’re probably going to fall behind. It’s so stressful. Though some people relish build-battles, a lot of people prefer just shooting it out like they’re used to just because it isn’t so dang intense.

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What can I do to improve?

“Get gud, scrub!” No. No, we’re going to skip all that nonsense and come to the grips with the fact that a lot of talented players struggle with building just because it’s something they haven’t mastered yet. Sometimes, people pick it up in days. Other people take longer. Whether you’re the first or second group, here’s the biggest thing I can throw your way that literally everyone could use: practice. Practice every chance you get. Some people land and mine materials just to practice build battling so that when the chance comes, they’ll be prepared. Other people create custom games and spend tons of time perfecting the art of build battling. Don’t wait to build until you need to.

That’s the best basic advice I can give you: practice, practice, practice. Short of that, I’ll take you next into some of the particulars that come heavily recommended.

How do I get up there?

Ever build-battle someone and you think you’re doing pretty good, then the other player just appears above you and you have no idea how? Here’s how to combat that: fight for the high ground. Never, ever, under any circumstances, try to stay below the other player if you’re build-battling. They can shoot you in the head because it’s right there without even meaning to, but you can perfectly line up on their head and shoot their foot because it’s a heck of a lot harder to do from below.

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Why can’t I hit ‘em?

Ah, the most annoying thing: you may be a superior player, but if the other player keeps throwing up walls and making sure that you never get a good shot in, you’re going to struggle to beat them. Don’t get shot. The best builders aren’t hyper-aggressive in the sense that they aren’t going to let someone take pot shots at them. They make sure that their risk is minimized while still playing for the win. Keep a wall between you and your enemy, then edit it if you’re feeling spunky, or just get on top and fire away.

Where am I?

Ever fight someone and you have absolutely no idea what’s happening? You stop feeling like you’re fighting someone and it’s like you’re going against a tornado. Maybe they know what they’re doing. Maybe they’re just spamming, but you keep getting trapped and it’s so confusing. Be the person who confuses everyone. Don’t be predictable. Keep the upper hand by throwing up all kinds of walls to trap the enemy, frustrate them, pin them, and keep them where you want them.

What kind of material should I use?

This is a big question and one that deserves proper recognition because it very much matters. Wood is best for constant build-battling, simply because it reaches full health so fast and is easy to replenish. Stone is good for if you have some more time for constructing a base but are still fighting. Metal is best for creating a permanent structure that you can use as a good hiding spot, sniping nook, and as a protective cocoon because of its massive health and because it’s hard to see into.


In conclusion, building can be your friend. Learn how to build, and you’ll be so much better off! Play in such a way that you can finesse your enemy, avoid getting shot while building by protecting yourself, stay high, and perplex your enemy to stay ahead. Also, use the right material for the right job. Nobody’s going to yell at you for using the wrong one, but it can make an important difference depending on timing and location. Most importantly, practice with these Fortnite Building Tips!

Until next time, get out there and have some fun!

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