Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Story Recap

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Story Recap
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We’re now in the second half of Fortnite Chapter 2 and the game’s lore is kicking in. Season 6 gave us some of the biggest story updates to the game yet, even without considering the revelations from the crossover comic books.

Fortnite’s storytelling can be a bit hard to follow, as we are only given a look at the bigger picture, with all the details being scattered in quests and subtle map changes. In this story recap, we’ll be taking you through everything that happened in Fortnite Season 6.

The Pre-season Event

Season 6 had a unique pre-season event that anyone could access at any time. At the end of Season 5, Agent Jones had destabilized the Zero Point by using it too much to recruit all the bounty hunters he needed to prevent anyone from escaping the Loop. When the Zero Point was about to implode and destroy our reality, Agent Jones decided to seek help from the Seven. However, his seniors at the IO were against it. Jones went rogue anyway and summoned The Foundation, the leader of the Seven, using a Rift.

The Foundation was pretty mad to see him and only spared him when he offered to give him “Geno and the Sisters”. We do not know who these characters are yet. The Foundation agreed to help, and trapped himself within the Zero Point to contain it for the time being. The orb’s reality waves took the Fortnite island back in time and we were taken to a primal age, hence the theme of the season.

The Spire and the Return of the Corruption

The Spire is a giant pillar made out of Chromium, created by the Foundation to contain the Zero Point and prevent it from destroying reality. The Spire Guardian was an NPC found around the area, guarding the tower and the small village around it. You could defeat her to obtain the Runestone that then allowed you to acquire the mythic boots that allowed you to jump higher. You also had mini-Spires around the island, called “Guardian Towers”, each with their own guardian. Putting any of the NPCs from the Guardian Towers or the Spire together wouldn’t turn them against each other. Instead, they would gang up against other players, unlike previous NPCs that were always hostile against one another.

The strange thing about the Spire is that it almost seems to be alive and have a mind of its own. It contains immense power, and in a Quest, Jonesy the First revealed to us that it can attract people with its power. It attracts people who seek its power, and corrupts them by exploiting their weaknesses. It is likely that the Spire Assassin is one of the corrupted characters. The Battle Pass styles also revealed that characters like Tarana and Raz had also been corrupted. We’ll get back to Raz again in the next section.

The Spire contained evil energy, the same one that we have previously seen in Chapter 1, Season 5, when the purple Cube popped onto the island and began corrupting the area around it along with various characters like Brite Bomber.

The Story of Raz

Raz is an ancient character who was brought to the Fortnite island through a reality wave. His skin description reveals that as a child, he used to get dreams that called him to the Spire. He has studied the Spire his entire life and has finally found it on the Fortnite island. Like Jonesy said, the Spire attracts and exploits such people and unfortunately, Raz was no exception. He was corrupted, turning into Glyph Master Raz who replaced the Spire Assassin as the Spire’s guardian, and carried the Mythic Explosive Bow.

Glyph Raz further revealed to us how the Spire was connected to Kevin the Cube. The runes on his body exactly match those we had seen on the Cube in 2018. Raz was immensely powerful and there was a quest to eliminate him in a match in order to obtain his outfit as a style. He possessed magical powers that would hurt you if you even stood in his line of sight. This made him one of the toughest NPCs in Fortnite.

When you defeated him, you had to collect his amulet, and guess what that was made out of? A purple shard from the Cube.

The Interference of the IO

A series of quests revealed to us that the IO, the organization controlling the Loop, had a part to play in this story. The Spire Guardians each wore a talisman with the IO’s symbol on it, and Raz talked about a “strange device” that just turned out to be an audio log containing instructions from Agent Jones. A long sequence of fetch quests brought us to various snapshots of Jonesy on the island. They revealed to us that the Loop manipulated the memories of those who entered it, making them forget everything about their life and participate in a battle to survive.

It was getting clearer and clearer that the Zero Point and Cube weren’t the only two players at war, but the IO and the Seven were also playing a big part in the story. A lot of questions are left unanswered, but we are in Season 7 now and we already have a new threat to deal with: aliens!

What’s Next?

As Season 7 started, we saw how Raz’s artifact was being used to attract aliens to our island. The invasion happened soon enough, with flying saucers coming to the island with a giant “mothership” that zapped the Spire into pieces while taking the Zero Point and sending the Foundation crashing into a nearby ocean.

The Spire isn’t in one piece anymore, but its shards seem to retain their power. They are scattered around the center of the map and have started influencing the flora around them, spawning weird purple trees in the area. If you go near them, you can also hear a strange humming sound.

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