The Fortnite Chapter 2 Story So Far

Fortnite Chapter 2 Story so Far
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We’re almost halfway through Chapter 2 of Fortnite and a lot has happened so far. Fortnite’s most unique aspect is its immersive (and slightly complicated) storyline, something no Battle Royale has really done before. Fortnite manages to narrate its story on an unparalleled scale, adding characters and plot points almost every update over a span of three years.

As we approach the end of Chapter 2 Season 5, today we’ll be taking you through a recap of the Fortnite Chapter 2 story: everything from the war between Ghost and Shadow, the Marvel takeover, the alternate dimension, and the return of the Zero Point.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Story

The Blackhole and Season 1

Chapter 1 was all about various characters arriving on the Fortnite island to take control of the “Zero Point”, a glowing, blue orb that holds an immense amount of power. We don’t know the true nature of the Zero Point, but it has been shown to be the key to interdimensional travel and even time travel.  Chapter 1 ended with the Zero Point collapsing into a blackhole, taking us from the old map to a new one.

Chapter 2 Season 1 had us on a new Fortnite island and a new map, with the Zero Point being nowhere in sight. On this island, two factions emerged – Alter and Ego – who were vying for control over the island. There was a political war between the two factions, but the island was pretty empty at this point and we didn’t know why they wanted control over it so badly.

At the end of Season 1, a house in the center of the island had a bunch of objects randomly turning into gold. This was the introduction of the antagonist of the Chapter: Midas.

Season 2 and the Agency

Season 2 started with the introduction of the new version of the two factions, who were now named “Ghost” and “Shadow”. The center of the island was turned into a control point – a tall building called “The Agency”, headed by a man called Midas. Midas possessed some magical powers of his own: whatever he touched would turn into gold.

Ghost and Shadow continued their battle for control over the island, and we had a guest appearance by Deadpool when a Ghost member stole his pistols. The season ended with a live event where Midas tried to control the Fortnite storm but failed miserably, flooding the majority of the island.

During his attempt to control the storm using what he called “The Device”, we were also momentarily transported to an alternate dimension where Agent Jonesy was surprised to see us. Somehow, we had seen and heard things that were weren’t supposed to know about.

Season 3 and the Galactus threat

Season 3 didn’t have a lot of story. The island was dealing with the aftermath of the flood, Midas had failed (and eaten by a shark, literally), and the battle between Ghost and Shadow was coming to an end. We also saw a pair of astronauts crash onto the Fortnite island and leave using the power of Rifts (Fortnite’s portals).

Now here’s the catch: the “Device” that Midas tried to use was actually the Zero Point. It was being held at the Agency, and it was still there, on the island, waiting for someone to pull it out again. At the end of Season 3, we saw how Galactus from the Marvel universe had sensed its power and was coming to our island to consume it. Thor came to our island to warn us about Galactus, and we transitioned into Season 4.

Season 4 and the war against Galactus

Season 4 was Fortnite’s official Marvel crossover. Superheroes from the MCU had arrived on the Fortnite island to help us prepare for the war against Galactus. Tony Stark’s laboratories were brought onto the island using the power of Rifts, and the plan was to use the flying Battle Buses to fight against him.

When Galactus finally arrived at the end of the season, he pulled out the Zero Point from the Agency, and tried to absorb its power. With the help of the superheroes, we successfully defeated him, but the Zero Point was now unstable. In an end-of-season cutscene, we were taken back to Agent Jonesy’s office in the alternate dimension. He had just woken up, and his office was violently shaking.

Season 5 and the Zero Point’s return

The season started with a cutscene from Agent Jonesy’s point of view. He was being instructed by a mysterious woman to use the Zero Point and travel to the Fortnite island, to stabilize the orb and seal the bridge. Also, it was important that no one “escaped the Loop” and that the Seven weren’t alerted of Jonesy’s presence. However, Jonesy did not hear that part about the Seven and went in anyway.

Season 5 has been all about Jonesy secretly being on our island and trying to reseal the bridge. He also has a group of elite hunters from all over the world helping him to make sure no one escapes the Loop. The Zero Point is very unstable and has been bringing in locations from the old Fortnite island. Jonesy seems to have been pretty successful so far in keeping it low, but like always, something will go wrong for sure.


It is pretty certain that he will get the attention of the Seven and we will see more of the secret group that has been on our side protecting the Zero Point. The live event is coming up soon and we are just two weeks away from Chapter 2 Season 6. A popular prediction is that the event will be about Jonesy trying to return to his dimension but being stopped by the Seven. Some pretty big map changes are to be expected, and we can’t wait to see where this goes.

We hope this article helped you understand the story of Fortnite Chapter 2 better. See you at the end-of-season event!

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