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It’s strange to think that half of Chapter 2 has already passed by. Epic is still strong on their no-communication policy and we’re quickly passing updates without patch notes. Other than that, this season is fantastic so far and everyone seems to be unanimous on having less clutter in the loot pool. The challenges this season haven’t been too complex, but will still require you to put in some time. Our Fortnite Chapter 2: Week 5 & 6 Guide will get you through.

Week 5 Challenges

Here are the Week 5 “The Lowdown” Challenges:

Search Chests at EGO outposts (0/7)

The EGO outposts are a part of the Fortnite Chapter 2 storyline. They’re unnamed locations on the map that you’ll have to get kills on. Locations for EGO outposts are: B5, C2, D8, F5, G3 (the last one is on the border of G3 and H3). Searching chests in the vicinity of these outposts counts as well.

Deal damage to opponents while riding in a motorboat (0/500)

Team Rumble is easily the best way to complete this one. Avoid driving the motorboat as the missing barely does any damage. Find a motorboat, and take it to the circle. Yes, take it to the circle even if there’s no water in the circle. You can easily slide around in a motorboat doing damage to enemies. You can even park the motorboat inside a structure, Edit a window, and shoot players through it. The most fun (note: badass) way is definitely to take the motorboat on land, boost it around like a car with flat tyres, and spam bullets at your enemies as they try to get a hit on you and wonder what is going on. That’s the fun of Team Rumble, isn’t it?

Visit different EGO outposts (0/5)

This challenge requires you to simply visit the EGO outposts mentioned earlier. We’re pretty excited to see where this fits in the storyline!

Assault Rifle Eliminations (0/3)

When getting Assault Rifle Eliminations, make sure that you get the last bullet and secure the elimination yourself. Assist kills don’t count!

Revive a teammate in different matches (0/3)

You can’t complete this challenge in Team Rumble due to the respawn mechanism, which means you’ll have to get into Duos/Squads with teammates for it. If you’re not a regular player, the best way to do it is to find a location far away from the main bus route, land, take turns dying, and then take turns reviving. 

Search Ammo Boxes in different named locations (0/7)

This one’s pretty straightforward and will get completed automatically. Just make sure you’re at a named location on the map; EGO outposts don’t count.

Heal teammates with a Bandage Bazooka (0/200)

Team Rumble definitely helps for this. If the Bandage Bazooka is fixed and out in the next week, you can easily find one for yourself and drop it on teammates. Team Rumble usually gets a hot-spot where everyone keeps landing for the Tilted-Tower-esque close quarters fights, so this might be your best bet to find teammates who need health. 

Eliminations at Craggy Cliffs or Salty Springs (0/3)

Reboot a teammate (0/1)

This also requires you to go in Duos/Squads. Rebooting should be quite easy since it’s a one-off challenge. This one can also be completed by taking turns dying and rebooting, and it will be done for all players in one match.

Assist teammates with Eliminations (0/7)

This challenge requires you to get seven assisted kills. An assist kill requires at least one of your teammates to damage the target enemy as well. This challenge is also a lot easier in Team Rumble.

Search the hidden letter N in the Lowdown Loading Screen (0/1)

The hidden letter N is located, of course, at an EGO outpost. This is the one at the south-west of the map. Simply climb up the staircase and onto the platform, and you’ll find the letter N next to the yellow barrels.

The only real theme in the Week 5 challenges is that a few of them seem to have EGO outposts in common. 

Here are the Week 6 “Hide and Seek” challenges:

Week 6 Challenges

Land at Frenzy Farm, Slurpy Swam and Sweaty Sands (0/3)

Harvest 500 wood, 400 stone and 300 metal (0/3)

You don’t have to do this in the same match, so it should be automatically completed over time.

Eliminations at Frenzy Farm or Sweaty Sands (0/3)

Search chests at Pleasant Park or Lazy Lake (0/7)

Consume Foraged Items (0/10)

Foraged items are consumable items that don’t take up an item slot. They provide buffs such as health or shield, depending on the item. Sunny Shores is the best place to find these in Chapter 2.

Deal damage to opponents with Pickaxes (0/100)

Unless you’re a regular Team Rumble player, the best way to go about this is to drop at the end of the bus path. There are always a few AFK players you can easily find in every match, and pickaxing one will do the job.

Hit 5 consecutive weak points while harvesting materials (0/1)

Make sure you pick a large tree or a car that won’t get destroyed before a fifth hit.

Hit Headshots (0/10)

Visit Landmarks in a single match (0/5)

Note that a Landmark does not refer to a Point of Interest. There are over forty landmarks on the map. They will be indicated on your HUD and it’s extremely easy to visit five in a row.

Eliminations in different matches (0/5)

Search the hidden letter ‘I’ found in the Hide and Seek Loading Screen (0/1)

You will find the letter ‘I’ inside the red barn north-east of Frenzy Farms.

Most of the Week 6 challenges are pretty straightforward, and I’m not sure of the reason behind the name. There’s no real pattern here, aside from two harvesting challenges and perhaps pickaxe usage, so this should be an easy week.


Hopefully our Fortnite Chapter 2: Week 5 & 6 Guide helped you simplify these challenges. We look forward to getting to the eighth week and unlocking the secret legendary skin soon. Happy grinding!

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