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Top 4 Expectations from Fortnite: Chapter 2

Top 4 Expectations from Fortnite Chapter 2
By | October 14th, 2019 | Categories: Fortnite

Every time people begin to say “Fortnite is past its prime”, I will scoff and show them a screenshot of the 13th of October 2019, when the game eclipsed the 1.7 million viewer mark on Twitch alone. What made this feat even more impressive was the fact that the second most viewed live game only had 202k. It’s been almost two years since the game launched and it’s still unquestionably one of the biggest players in the industry. Moreover, Epic Games has its marketing game on point. They know what we like and they know how to deliver. They understand what makes players restless and what keeps them coming. The live event on the 13th had the final rocket launch, a few missiles zooming around into rifts, and finally, the creation of a blackhole that sucked the entire Fortnite map into it. Chapter One is over. We’ll probably never see the old map again.

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There was a piano cover of the original Fortnite music, our screens went blank, and then the blackhole appeared in the center of it, and that’s the only thing they have broadcasted till now. The Fortnite category was deleted from Twitch, the game disappeared from Epic’s website, their Twitter and Instagram profile photos are both screenshots of the same blackhole, and they’ve gone dead quiet since then. Of course, people are still streaming the live blackhole for over forty hours now, and (no surprises here) Fortnite is still doing very well in viewer counts. Everyone is discussing the game. I’ve seen posts on several non-Fortnite subreddits discussing this. The Fortnite Reddit is locked, and the main discussion thread is nearing 100k comments already. As always, the data miners have gotten their hands on a leaked teaser and what we’ve seen is already blowing our minds. Epic went on hyper-deletion mode by marking these leaks on copyright grounds, but they seem to have given up as everyone has already seen the video—with some even downloading to upload it elsewhere.

Based on the teaser and our own speculations, we bring you the Top 4 Expectations from Fortnite: Chapter 2.

1. New Classes and Weapons

The teaser already showed us a ninja-like figure jumping from a bin. We also saw a “medic” with what looked like a giant tube-gun that heals players. Classes have been successfully implemented in games such as Team Fortress and Apex Legends, and Fortnite will likely incorporate them too. This adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay, and maybe even class-exclusive rewards to choose from. Borrowing from Fortnite’s PvE mode Save the World, we might be getting classes with harvesting and building bonuses too. Imagine a constructor class that needs less material to build, builds faster, and whose walls heal on their own periodically? Or a farmer class that requires fewer hits to chop trees and rocks? I doubt they’ll add damage bonuses because that would be pretty over the top, but I can’t wait to see the new mechanics a number of top streamers seemed to be hinting at in their tweets. A tank class could be fun too, but +-damage buffs would have to be temporary to balance them out. The weapons are looking great too; we’ve seen a bunch of different types already, and they all look better than their counterparts in the “old” (am I really saying this?) Fortnite.

2. New Modes of Transport

We know for sure that boats are coming in. The new map has a large number of streams for cross-transport, and we’ve already seen 4-player boats with cross vehicle battles. I honestly can’t wait to jump in one with a minigun and perpetually spray bullets on everyone and everything. Swimming has also been confirmed as a new way of transport and I’m wondering how that’ll work. Loot Lake and Lazy Lagoon already gave us a literally shallow (and quite annoying) experience, and adding depth to water will be pretty big. Since the map also looks bigger, it might also have faster modes of transport. Planes making a comeback would be great too!

3. Cosmetic Updates

New multiplayer emotes have already been confirmed, and we’ve already predicted that one in an older post. Destiny 2 had them, and it was only a matter of time before Fortnite followed suit. It’s a perfect opportunity to make an entire team of friends buy emotes to open up new opportunities. Can you imagine traversal multiplayer emotes in the future? The skins don’t look like they have a huge change in style so far, but everything looks cleaner. We would, of course, love to see more customizations, such as adding our banners to our costumes.

4. Map Changes

A new map opens infinite possibilities for Epic. We’re seeing streams, extremely high altitudes, bridges, docks, glowing swamps. Who knows, maybe you won’t die if you jump off the map and will be allowed to swim to shores? The possibilities are endless. We’ll also probably be getting ATKs, quads, or hoverboards in this chapter of Fortnite as well, considering how huge expanse of the map.

This season is going to be a winner. They haven’t changed too much with the core gameplay but the additions keep it fresh. The map looks beautiful, and some of the aesthetic changes such as a more brilliant sky and trees moving with the wind are excellent. They have really applied everything they’ve learned from two years of experimenting with the old map, and we can’t wait to log in. As long as none of the items are too overpowered and they keep it balanced (and we know sometimes they deliberately don’t!), this season can potentially be the best. Season 3 and 4 are generally considered to be peak Fortnite, but the fact that they have generated so much hype and changed the game just as everyone wanted it to, we’re in for a ride. The servers will be up soon and we can’t wait to explore the new locations! I just hope Team Rumble is still there so we can take our time to experiment with all the new changes. Hopefully our Top 4 Expectations from Fortnite Chapter 2 list comes true.

See you on the Battle Bus!

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