Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4 Overview

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Fortnite calls their new season for Chapter 3 “Paradise,” but is it a Paradise? This Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4 overview will help players figure out the deal with the new season.

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4 Opening Cinematic

During the opening cinematic, one of The Seven members, called The Scientist, was trying to study a liquid-based chrome substance before breaking out and consuming the other members, such as The Scientist, The Origin, and The Visitor. Within the Chrome, a new antagonist emerges who calls herself The Herald, revealing herself to Paradigm, who was in the laboratory where the other three of The Seven were consumed. She escapes into a portal to an alternate dimension as the Chrome begins to spread across the map.

Chrome Splash and Map Changes

Taking over POIs (point of interest) and creating new ones, while some POIs have been lifted off the ground to avoid infection. Meanwhile, players can take advantage of Chrome by using the Chrome Splash item to turn into a chrome blob, allowing them to move faster, be immune to fall damage, air dash, and even go through walls.

Vault Door and Vault Door Keys

Although Chrome Splash is not the only thing in the store, players need access keys to open vault doors with different security levels on the map. These vaults, when opened, are loaded with loot depending on the security level. There are three ways to acquire these keys, checking loot Chest, randomized loot on building doors, and sometimes within the vaults themselves. Note that low-level vaults only require one key while high-level vaults require two.


Replacing the Port-A-Fort, this new item is similar in terms of the idea, a structure readily made in utility item that you can use without building, although the scale is much smaller in size compared to the Port-A-Fort.

Points of Interest Locations

Since the Herald’s arrival, the map had many alterations from the new update caused by Chrome. Here are the locations that you need to check out that have been updated:

  • The Reality Tree: Once a thriving ecosystem and now dying woodland. The tree itself has now become a husk, unlike last season.
  • Lustrous Lagoon: From being The Daily Bugle to the new Lagoon, this location has also been coated by Chrome. Avoid stepping onto this dangerous liquid.
  • Herald’s Sanctum: The source of the Chrome and where the Herald herself lives. She may be the boss that Loopers need to face at some point during this chapter.
  • Shimmering Shrine: Before was the Shuffled Shrine; Shimmering Shrine is the Chrome coated version.
  • Fort Jonsey: This POI may be a haven that has not been infected by Chrome, most likely fortified by The Seven and Amie until Chrome corrupts it.
  • Cloudy Condos: Insured by No Sweat Insurance, it looks like they are helping their customers lift their homes to avoid Chrome.

EvoChrome Weapons

To summarize what kind of these weapons are, they are weapons half coated into the Chrome liquid. Players can find these new EvoChrome weapons from Chrome Chests. Powerful weapons like the EvoChrome Shotgun and the EvoChrome Burst Rife can be found, including Chrome Splash. There likely are a few of these chests popping up per match, but there may be more to come if the Chrome continues to spread.

  • EvoChrome Shotgun: Deal severe damage up close before the shotgun was even dipped in Chrome.
  • EvoChrome Burst Rifle: A rifle that deals damage in quick-fire bursts, allowing you to have better control of its recoil.

Since these weapons were dipped in Chrome, they may be very powerful and dangerous. Loopers should use them wisely to dominate the playing field.

Returning Vault Weapons

Aside from the new EvoWeapons, there are a lot of weapons from the previous seasons that are making a comeback. Check out the list of returning and unvaulted weapons below:

  • Sidearm Pistol
  • Prime Shotgun
  • Lever Action Shotgun
  • Rapid Fire SMG
  • Suppressed Submachine Gun
  • Ranger Assault Rifle
  • Hammer Assault Rifle
  • Designated Marksman Rifle
  • Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper
  • Grenade
  • Firefly Jar
  • Harpoon Gun
  • Shadow Tracker
  • The Dub
  • Boom Sniper Rifle
  • Boogie Bomb
  • Shockwave Grenade

Battle Pass

We cannot have Fortnite if there is no battle pass; checking out the new season, there are a variety of emotes, sprays, melee, glider, character, and weapon skins to unlock. The most notable character skins are:

  • The Paradigm
  • Bytes
  • Meow Skulls
  • Spider-Gwen
  • Lennox Rose
  • Grriz
  • Twyn
  • The Herald

The battle pass started on September 18, 2022, and will end on December 3, 2022. We can expect Season 5 will be released on the following day, December 4, 2022, although that may change if Epic Games needs to delay the launch.

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