Fortnite Crafting and Resource Guide to Get the Best Weapons

Fortnite Crafting and Resource Guide
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Fortnite Season 6 introduced one of the most meta-changing mechanics of all time. Since Fortnite’s launch in September 2017, acquiring weapons in the game has been all about looting: floor-loot, chest loot, supply drops, vending machines, and enemy loot. Fortnite Season 6 introduces new ways to acquire loot, and to upgrade it into the kind of weapon you want. Update 16.00 added the new “crafting” system in Fortnite, along with new resources, new types of weapons, and an entirely new meta that has given the game a fresh feel once again. This new system can feel pretty overwhelming because of all the new options and the variety of weapons, as it is hands down the biggest change Fortnite has made to its core gameplay since Turbo Building and Reboot Cards.

In this guide, we’ll be taking you through everything you need to know about crafting and resources in Fortnite Season 6, and how you can use this system to obtain the best loot in the game.

The Basics of Fortnite Crafting

You can access your crafting menu via your Inventory tab. This menu gives you an overview of your resources and weapons, and shows you what weapons you can craft at the moment.

The core elements of the crafting system are: A) Makeshift weapons B) resources.

Floor loot (and most chest loot) mostly consists of Makeshift weapons. “Makeshift” means temporary, and there are the weapons that you can upgrade into the kind of weapon you want. Naturally, the Makeshift weapons are weaker and you should always make it a priority to upgrade or find an upgraded weapon in a chest.

Makeshift weapons can be converted into Primal OR Mechanical weapons using specific resources. Here’s how you do it:

Makeshift Weapon + 4 Bones = Primal Weapon

Makeshift Weapon + 4 Mechanical Parts = Mechanical Weapon

Primal and Mechanical weapons are the final forms of weapons. You can always upgrade the rarity of Makeshift, Primal or Mechanical weapons, but Makeshift weapons cannot be taken beyond Rare (blue).

Fortnite Resources and How to Find Them

The main resources that you’ll be looking for are Mechanical Parts and Bones.

Mechanical Parts are easier to find, but they can still be a chore depending on where you land. These Parts can be obtained only from vehicles (drivable and stationary) and from certain NPCs. The best way to get these quickly is from the junkyard west of Dirty Docks, but it has become a hot drop for the same reason and you might have some competition.

Bones are harder to find and are concentrated in the central area of the map.  You can obtain them by killing animals, or breaking certain structures in the “primal” parts of the map (any of the new locations). They are even harder to find in Team Rumble because animals are currently disabled in the mode, and you rarely get enough time to loot.

Mechanical versus Primal: What’s Better?

Mechanical weapons are the good old Fortnite weapons that you’re already used to: Assault Rifles, Pump Shotguns, Tactical SMGs, etc. These classic weapons are more accurate, with the ARs featuring first-shot accuracy and Pump Shotguns having a tighter spread. On the other hand, the new Primal weapons feature a higher fire rate and thus, better damage output, but at the cost of accuracy. The Primal shotgun is only good up-close and the AR doesn’t have first-shot accuracy, which is its biggest disadvantage and the reason why most people don’t use it.

When it comes to ARs, the Mechanical (traditional) ARs are definitely the way to go. The Primal AR has bad bloom and would be better if every shot hit, but that’s unlikely to happen, meaning you’re likely to waste bullets and alert the enemy without having a guarantee that you’ll hit the shots.

When it comes to close-range weapons such as shotguns and SMGs, the Primal weapons are much better as bloom isn’t an issue up-close. The Primal Shotgun is especially broken, possibly one of the three most broken shotguns the game has added. These Primal weapons absolutely shred through enemies up close, and it’s hard to miss your shots with them from a close distance, unlike Pump Shotguns which do a lot of damage as well, but need you to aim properly.

How to Get the Best Bows through Fortnite Crafting

There are no snipers in Fortnite: Season 6, as they have been replaced by bows. Aiming can be a bit hard in the beginning, but trying various bows over a week or two will make you an archer quickly.

In case of bows, you can further upgrade Primal or Mechanical Bows into the specific bow that you want. Here’s how you can upgrade your bows:

Mechanical Bow + 6 Grenades = Mechanical Explosive Bow

Mechanical Bow + 2 Shockwave Grenades = Mechanical Shockwave Bow

Primal Bow + (1 Gas Can) OR (1 Firefly Jar) = Primal Flame Bow

Primal Bow + (3 Stink Fish) OR (1 Stink Sac) = Primal Stink Bow

Honestly, these bows are one of the most fun parts of Season 6, and I hope Epic continues to add more of these. Note that you have to fully charge the bow if you want the specific effect to work. Doing so does not reduce the damage output of the weapon. Out of the bows, the Mechanical Explosive Bow is great in terms of damage, and if you’re doing box-fights or are in a serious endgame, the Stink Bows are pretty overpowered.

Bows are one of the best and most fun weapons for Team Rumble, as they allow you to shoot enemies without making your location obvious. Applying status effects such as fire or the stink clouds is always fun, and I highly recommend trying all of them.

Note that Stink Sacs can be obtained by killing Frogs, and Stink Fish can be found via regular fishing holes.


We hope our Fortnite crafting guide helped you understand these new mechanics better! Crafting can feel a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s actually quite simple and easy to get used to. This season has certainly started off on a great note and the game feels pretty new with all these new weapons.

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