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Everything We Know About the Fortnite Galactus Live Event So Far

Fortnite Galactus Live Event
By | November 29th, 2020 | Categories: Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4’s Galactus “Devourer of the Worlds” live event promises to be the game’s biggest live event so far. Never has Epic Games hyped up a live event so much for so long, and everyone is pretty excited about it. Today we’ll be taking you through everything we know about this event so far, and our predictions for how it will affect the game and the upcoming season.

How to Watch the Fortnite Galactus Event

The Galactus live event will start a few hours earlier this time, at 4 PM ET instead of the usual time. Epic Games has requested players to join the lobby an entire hour in advance, which is a first. Every time Fortnite has a live event, all game modes are disabled thirty minutes in advance and an event playlist is created.

Usually this is a Team Rumble match with no upper limit of kill counts, meaning the game won’t end and you don’t have to worry about trying to enter another match right after. There will be about thirty players in one lobby this time, which is very close to the current Team Rumble player count of 16+16. More people will be able to enter the game this time than usual according to Fortnite’s website.

You also won’t have the event in your Replay mode files. Fortnite will possibly go into a long downtime leading to Season 5 right after the event. You can, however, record the event from your device. Epic has also added a special notice that uploaded recordings cannot be monetized by players who are not a part of the Support-a-Creator program. Even for those players, those videos will be demonetized in 90 days.

These instructions are super detailed, unusual, and pretty specific, and this event is surely going to be like none of the others.

What is the Nexus War?

Over a year ago, we witnessed the Chapter 1 map of Fortnite get sucked into a blackhole created by a meteor crashing into the Zero Point. The Zero Point is this massive source of energy on the Fortnite island that has attracted some powerful forces like the Ice King and even a giant monster that wished to yield its power. In fact, the entirety of Chapter 1’s storyline revolved around various characters and factions trying to gain control over the Zero Point.

When this blackhole event happened, a rift appeared in the sky before Galactus in the Marvel universe. Sensing the energy of the Zero Point, he was attracted to it. Galactus is the “Devourer of the Worlds”, and wishes to consume the Fortnite island as we know it.

To warn the inhabitants of the island, Thor – the Herald of Galactus – rushed to us. He warned us about an incoming invasion from Galactus, but started losing his memory in the process. When the Fortnite island’s inhabitants (mainly an overly aggressive Peely and Fishstick) threatened to harm this new visitor, Thor summoned some more Marvel characters to his rescue. These included Dr. Doom, She-Hulk, Iron Man, Storm, and Groot.

How Has the Island Prepared for the Galactus Invasion?

Tony Stark has been our biggest hope as we prepare to face Galactus. He used the power of the Rift using Rift Beacons to transport the entire Stark Industries to our island. In these labs, we see his equipment, his alternate Iron Man suits, and his main project: modified Battle Buses.

Seeing multiple of these pretty much confirms that these Battle Buses will be a huge part of the event. And that makes sense, considering Galactus is so huge. Until now, every live event could be watched on foot or using a Jet Pack.

Which brings us to the second confirmed detail that Jet Packs will also play an important role in the event. Fortnite’s recent Tweets and in-game teasers have shown us the importance of both of these devices. The Battle Bus also isn’t the bulky, slow one we’ve always known. Special “gamma weapons” have been attached into it, one on each seat. This hints towards the event playing with each player using one of these weapons to fight Galactus.

Leaked Details About the Fortnite Galactus Event

Dataminers have recently found out a few important changes in the game files that hint towards what could happen during the event. First off, we know that the file size for this event is beyond anything we’ve had for any other event. Secondly, old event files were updated.

The Zero Point is known to mess with time and space, like it did in Season X. It is definitely possible that the event will end with the map being warped up. Old locations would come back, and a recent image posted on Twitter by Donald Mustard, creative director at Epic Games hints towards Tilted Towers returning.

There has also been a strange coincidence with several old streamers suddenly returning to Fortnite. Nickmercs, Tfue, and even TimTheTatman were seen returning to Fortnite after a long time in the same week. We could possibly be going back in time.

What could happen after the event?

Here’s the scary part: it’s unlikely that the Avengers will win this war. Galactus is just too huge. I mean, he eats entire planets like they’re a piece of cake.

Based on the Season 5 leaked skins that confirm a Star Wars crossover, we could even have a space-related theme with the Battle Pass. The map is surely going to go through its biggest change in Chapter 2, and it makes sense to get some of the old locations back. Fortnite will likely never abandon old POIs on the map, as they keep everyone have a sense of attachment to the game, in spite of drastic changes like new islands.

We’re also expecting some major unvaulting at the beginning of Season 5. Fortnite has kept the initial seasons pretty simple this time, with each season adding some of the more goofy and fun items to the game. Just like Chapter 1, Season 5, we expect Chapter 2, Season 5 to have some of these items such as Quad Launchers and Port-a-Fortresses.

We hope you’re as excited for the Fortnite Galactus live event as we are. Be sure to log in an hour in advance to reserve yourself a spot. See you on the Battle Bus!

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