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Do me a favor. I want you to imagine something. Fortnite Battle Royale is real and you’re a participant. You’re stuck in the Battle Bus and you’re nervous because you’re about to fall to the island and fight for your survival. Okay, you here with me? You’re imagining it? Now let’s say you drop, pop your parachute, and land somewhere. You hear people all around you and you’re sprinting around looking for a weapon to protect yourself. You find… a Bolt Action Sniper. Then you find a Semi-Auto Sniper and a Hunting Rifle.

Don’t panic! You’re merely competing in one of Fortnite’s zany Limited Time Modes. You’re playing Sniper Shootout. I mean, I’d still worry if I was you because you’re still fighting to the death, but at least you can enjoy a good laugh before, right? Today, I’m going to take you through some of these funky Fortnite LTM!

What’s Sniper Shootout?

Let’s run on the assumption that you haven’t the faintest idea what I’m talking about when I say “Sniper Shootout.” Well, here’s your explanation: it’s a game mode where you can only use snipers. The funny thing about this mode is that the whole point is to get into elaborate shootouts from afar. I mean, c’mon. You have a sniper rifle. Why would you do anything other than peek from cover and try to actually snipe?

The first time I played it when it first came out, that’s what happened. People played intelligently, like you should with snipers. Then, somewhere along the line,e someone figured out that most people can’t snipe worth a dern and it deteriorated into an insane close-quarters mode. It’s rare that you see a kill distance of more than five meters. My advice? Get a Bolt or Heavy Sniper to luck-shot someone, then get yourself a Hunting Rifle or Semi-Auto to plug away. Quick-scoping is generally more successful, but I know a number of buddies that just no-scope and it works for them. Keep meds. You’ll need them.

It comes out in solos and duos, but be forewarned that you can’t get revived. Yes, you die immediately, even in duos. Oh, and don’t expect to hit every shot. I’ve won a number of these things and charged everyone, but there have been times where I fired 30-40 shots at a guy a foot away from me and he did the same and neither one of us landed anything.

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What’s Sneaky Silencer?

In what’s probably the most ridiculous sounding mode of all time, Sneaky Silencer is one that doesn’t show up too often, but it’s where you basically won’t hear fighting the entire time. The only weapons that spawn are silenced and you need to be suspicious of every bush.

That’s it. I don’t have a lot more than that. It’s silenced weapons and bushes spawn frequently. Boom. Nailed it. It’s a game mode of trolls, so tread carefully although it can be immensely fun!

What’s Close Encounters?

No, this isn’t about aliens. This is far more absurd. Even as a lover of Fortnite who’s played it for a very long time, this isn’t a game mode that’s terribly common or all that popular generally. I decided to throw it on here just ‘cause, why not? Anyway, this is where you’re given Jetpacks and Shotguns.

I will give you two reasons that it isn’t as popular as some of the other ones. Reason 1—Jetpacks, the bane of many people’s existence because they seem glitchy and cause a lot of people to lag like there is no tomorrow. Reason 2—Shotguns, who are by and large quite unreliableat this point in time. You put the two together, and you have something absolutely insane.

I’ve played it a few times, and to sum up my experience—what? How did he shoot through my wall?!? That, I think, explains what you’ll be looking for here. I’m a good shotgunner, but you better have the patience of a saint to play this mode.

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What’s Fly Explosives?


That’s it. That explains the whole game mode. This is the mode where you’re handed explosive weapons and set loose, much like the original High Explosives mode. However… this one is different because you’re also given a handy-dandy Jetpack.

Yes, you heard me right. This is a game mode of people using jetpacks, raining down rockets from above (and grenades, but it’s a very bad idea to try that if you want to win). Now, I’m not going to say this is almost entirely based on luck, but it’s almost entirely based on luck. Especially in certain servers, the lag in this mode is through the roof. I have 300mps/second internet with an ethernet cable and every time I fire this mode up I am teleporting like a madman and my jetpack endlessly randomly fails and I die from falling 12 meters (which shouldn’t even damage me).

No, it doesn’t make sense and I get very triggered every time I play this mode because it inevitably happens. Jetpacks can be quite challenging to use properly because of the gameplay mechanics and splodes are hard to predict anyway. I, along with my friends, die like clockwork because of the aggravating jetpacks. Just so people don’t think well, gee, you’re just terrible at the game, I got 8 wins yesterday. My biggest weakness? The danged jetpacks. I have literally never won a Fly Explosives match, ever. But does that stop me from playing it endlessly? No, no it does not.

So, whenever this one inevitably comes back and you see someone died from fall damage even though they had a jetpack on, remember me.

It’s a Wrap

There are about a dozen Fortnite LTM (Limited Time Modes) and these are some of the ones that use unusual weapons. Later, I’ll tell you about the other “varieties,” but today I took you through Sniper Shootout, Sneaky Silencer, Close Encounters, and Fly Explosives.

The most important part of these LTMs is to enjoy yourself. They’re preposterous and I believe the creators put them out that way to make sure people couldn’t get too upset about them. Even when I die for the fifth game in a row because my jetpack didn’t work properly and I lag to my random death, I’m not mad because I mean, c’mon. You’re flying around and shooting rocket launchers with reckless abandon. How can you get upset? It’s hard to take seriously.

Until next time, get out there and have some fun with Fornite LTM!

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